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Our Outdoor Summer Bucket List

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Do you know how they say that you should make the most of summers with your kids because you only get so many? Zach and I are huge proponents of time spent outdoors and we want the girls to grow up how we did, with summers spent running around barefoot, exploring, climbing trees and going on adventures. This summer we decided to make an actual, written-out bucket list. 

My girls of course added in fun, silly, and indoor activities but I tried hard to sway them to think of new experiences, adventures and activities outside that we could do together.

Here are 12 of the items that we put on our summer bucket list and some great finds from Backcountry to go along with them! They are having a national get outdoors day sale and you can snag some new gear for your summer adventure up to 60% off. If it is your first time shopping at Backcountry use my promo code CRISTIN15 for 15% off (exclusions apply)!

Mom and girls matching swimsuits from Backcountry to complete your summer bucket list

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Toddler Girl’s Bikini Set // Girl’s Bikini Set // Women’s One Piece Swimsuit // Similar Hat // Sunglasses

Our Outdoor Summer Bucket List

Pick our own berries //

I looked up the local farms close to our home and when they are offering pick up. 

Teach the girls to waterski // 

I learned to ski when I was about Hayden’s age and I’m dying to teach her.

Go mountain biking with Zach // 

Zach loves to mountain bike and a lot of our friends do as well. He hasn’t been since his arm surgery so I’m thinking that this might be my only chance to be able to keep up with them. I was looking at buying a mountain bike from Backcountry last fall but I figure I need to try it a couple times first.

Hike to at least 3 waterfalls // 

We looked up our local waterfalls and I let the girls pick out three that they wanted to see. I figured this would be a good way to get us outside on a weekend when we’re looking for something to do. If you need more waterfall inspiration check out this post.

Grow our own veggies // 

If you follow along on stories then you know this one is in progress! But it’s going to become a yearly staple to our summer bucket list.

Start Paddle Boarding // 

We go to the lake a good bit and it’s always hard for me to fit in a workout because the girls get up early and they want to play. But I was thinking about buying a new paddleboard and thought that it would be a fun way to take the girls with me in the mornings or get in a quick workout while they are swimming. Backcountry has a great selection of paddleboards. I’m eyeing this one or this one and plan on calling their gearheads for guidance!

Go camping // 

We actually have never taken the girls overnight camping and I feel like they’re at the age now where it would be enjoyable for all. We were thinking about getting a group of a couple of families together and finding a very easy campsite to head to. I actually love the tent that we purchased from Backcountry a few years ago and want to use it for something more than backyard movie nights.

Tube down the river // 

We live close to a couple of great rivers and tubing is honestly so fun, the kids always love it and the adults have a great time. We get a floating cooler, make sure we all wear water shoes, pack snacks, slather on sunscreen, and always have a blast. How could I not include this on our summer bucket list?

Try fly fishing on the east coast // 

Zach and I went fly fishing in Montana and it was honestly the best time ever. Don’t tell him, but I think for Father’s Day I’m going to give him a fly fishing day trip in NC.

Have a water day // 

This bucket list item is going to take some finagling because Zach does not love a waterslide on our grass. But I have grand plans to find a big hill and create a waterslide day for the girls and some of their friends. 

Install a stock tank pool // 

We are currently making a stock tank pool in our backyard and I can’t wait for it to be done! I will make sure to create a blog post about it once we get it complete because it’s definitely more complicated than I anticipated. This bucket list item may take all summer.

Have an outdoor movie night // 

The girls really want to have a movie night outside where we project a movie and sit around under the stars and eat snacks and honestly I think it sounds like a great idea.

New Swimsuits from Backcountry

Outdoor summer bucket list for kids

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Backcountry Swim, Hat & Sunglasses

Similar Hat // Sunski Seacliff Polarized Sunglasses (Love these!! They are very lightweight!)

Backcountry Swim, Hat & Sunglasses for an outdoor summer bucket list.

Women’s One Piece Swimsuit // Similar Hat // Sunglasses

Maaji Amusement Triton One-Piece Surfsuit – Women’s (Honestly, I have never had a rash guard until now but I am hooked. This one is soft and doesn’t feel like I’m suffocating.)

Backcountry Girls Swimsuits and what to do with kids outdoors this summer.

Toddler Girl’s Bikini Set // Girl’s Bikini Set

Roark Revival Passage Boatman Board Short – Men’s (Zach’s newest favorite pair of board shorts).

Make sure you check out the national get outdoors day sale where you can save up to 60% off clothes and gear to outfit your summer bucket list. If it is your first time shopping at Backcountry use my promo code CRISTIN15 for 15% off (exclusions apply)!

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