My Review of Barefaced Skincare

Let’s cut to the chase – If you were only going to buy three from Barefaced, I would recommend Toning Pads II first, Overachiever second, and Liquid Gold third. Keep reading for my honest thoughts on my favorite skincare items from Barefaced.

Barefaced by Jordan Harper

01. Tinted Protection SPF 50+ // 02. C+ Correcting Complex 30% // 03. Glow Peel Pads // 04. Intellishade TruPhysical // 05. Brightening Serum // 06. BodiFirm // 07. DEJ Eye Cream // 08. Overachiever // 09. Brightening Facial Wash // 10. Liquid Gold // 11. YouthFull Lip Replenisher // 12. Revox Line Relaxer // 13. Hydrating Lotion // 14. RetinAL Skin Therapy // 15. Toning Pads II // 16. Gentle Cleansing Lotion

What is Barefaced?

The founder of Barefaced, Jordan Harper, is a really good friend of mine from way back when so I won’t hide the fact that I am indeed partial to supporting this company. But to say I trust her with my skin and believe in her products would be an understatement. I have known Jordan since before she transitioned from nursing into injectables and skincare and have since trusted her with lasering my face, giving me botox, and advising me on all things good skin. When Barefaced launched she sent me samples of several of her products and I have consistently used them to this day. I get messages frequently thanking me for introducing you guys to her products and I am so happy to hear it! I also am so thankful that you guys trust me and my recommendations!

My Review of Barefaced Skincare

If you follow me, you know that I do try new skincare frequently. I will try a product for a few weeks and if it’s doesn’t wow me or if I don’t see results, then I will go back to something that works better. This lets me accurately compare products and how they work on my skin. I have tried virtually every Vitamin C on the market and many, many products from the big names in skincare. I started using Retin-A and “medical grade” skincare 15 years ago and have taken skincare seriously since then.

All that being said, there are several items from the Barefaced Collection that have landed in my daily rotation. Almost all of the skincare I use can be purchased on their site. Did I try them diligently because Jordan is my friend and I want to support her? Absolutely! Would I still use them if they didn’t work for me? Absolutely not. So now that you know where I stand, let’s get to the scoop!

Barefaced skincare review from beauty blogger Cristin Cooper

Top Barefaced Products to Buy

  1. Tinted Protection SPF 50+ // This is a great tinted SPF! It has a higher SPF than Elta MD and a thinner consistency than Revision, making the Barefaced the perfect daily base layer for your makeup application or when you want to go fresh-faced.
  2. C+ Correcting Complex 30% // I have combination skin and without getting too technical, the form of Vitamin C in this product works REALLY well for me! I have compared this with other serums in the past and think that it’s the best option for my skin. Since Liquid Gold came out I have been using C+ Correcting Complex 30% at night and Liquid Gold in the morning since it is designed to work with the other products that I use and gives you added hydration. I really like the combo and especially like that Liquid Gold works awesome in conjunction with other serums. More on that to come.
  3. Glow Peel Pads // These peels are spicyyyyy but in a good way! I use them when I dermaplane, to prevent ingrown hairs after shaving, on my armpits if I get razor burn and anytime I feel like I need a good deep clean on my face.
  4. Intellishade TruPhysical // I think this is a great sunscreen for summer or if you are going to be in the sun because it is THICK. I will wear it instead of the Tinted Protection SPF 50+ if I am planning to be in the sun for a long time.
  5. Brightening Serum // As someone who is prone to redness, acne scarring, and dark spots, I am all about the brightening serum. I personally don’t think that this serum will fade a dark spot as much as heavy-duty hydroquinone, but I love that it’s a daily use formula that works overtime and is easier on my skin. I stopped using hydroquinone a while ago and now use this daily.
  6. BodiFirm // This is one of those products that you don’t really know if it’s working, but you sure as heck are going to try. I slather it on my thighs, belly, and upper arms about every other night.
  7. DEJ Eye Cream // I love using this eye cream because it is one of the only creams created to treat your eyelid! I will put it all over my under-eye and eyelid and often layer with a thicker cream to really hold it in.
  8. Overachiever // I am a sucker for a serum. I love using Overachiever serum because it has Green Tea to calm redness, Caffeine to reduce puffiness, Hyaluronic Acid to plump skin, and is a pregnancy-safe retinoid alternative. It is one of my favorite skincare products from Barefaced.
  9. Brightening Facial Wash // Hands down my favorite face wash and I’m so glad that they sell it!
  10. Liquid Gold // I honestly think this is a really great all-around vitamin c and would absolutely recommend it, especially if you are using Vitamin C for the first time. It is a coconut-based formula that won’t dry you out like other Vitamin C serums and has Turmeric and natural elements to soothe and soften your skin. I use it in the morning after Toning Pads II and the Overachiever serum.
  11. YouthFull Lip Replenisher // This is great as an overnight lip mask or will give you instant hydration if you are suffering from chapped lips.
  12. Revox Line Relaxer // I have always been very upfront that this product does not give you the results that botox will. However, if you want a natural option, are pregnant, or just want to throw everything you can at fine lines, get this. I notice that it works the best with fine lines under your eye.
  13. Hydrating Lotion // This is a great hydrating lotion that won’t break you out. I have been wearing it in the morning with a few tanning drops to help my pale skin.
  14. RetinAL Skin Therapy // I can’t wait to try this once my baby girl is born! It’s the newest product from Barefaced and I haven’t tried it but didn’t want to leave it out of the roundup.
  15. Toning Pads II // I use these daily. I have tried all of the other big brand toning pads and can assure you that these are JUST AS GOOD. I now have a subscription and hopefully will never run out. I love that these toning pads contain AHAs and BHAs to resurface the top layer of your skin and really get in and deep clean those pores. A daily exfoliant like this is crucial if you are using products that speed up cellular turnover.
  16. Gentle Cleansing Lotion // I have this and will use it from time to time if my skin is really dry or sensitive, but I prefer the Brightening Facial Wash.

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