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How to Go Longer Between Hair Washes

Do you wash your hair every day? I sure don’t! I’m typically a “wash my hair once every 3 to 4 days” kind of gal but sometimes I will stretch it out even further than that. If you are looking for tips for how to make your blowout last and spend less time washing and blowdrying your hair, this post has all of my best tips and tricks for going for longer between hair washes!

Dutch Braid IGTV Tutorial // Shirt is Vici Dolls

Start with a Blowout

It doesn’t have to be a salon-quality blowout but there are some keys to making a blowout last! After washing your hair, use the proper amount of conditioner (I would only condition my ends that are heavily color treated) and finish with a blow dry balm or leave in treatment. Then I would curl my hair using a heat protectant. I find that if I curl my hair and let it completely cool before brushing it, my curls last twice as long. More of my favorite hair products can be found on this post.

Get A Great Dry Shampoo

After you have worn your hair curled for a day, use a dry shampoo for as many days as possible to soak up any excess oil. I typically use dry shampoo in the am before styling but you can also use it on your roots before bed! My favorite dry shampoo is this foam because it cleans your hair, smells amazing and gives you volume without being sticky. I also love this drugstore dry shampoo and this texturizing spray and dry shampoo combo. I just ordered this one to try!! See more dry shampoos on this post.

Brush Before Bed

This sounds very Marsha Brady to me but brushing your hair before bed really is beneficial! When you brush your hair before bed it helps to distribute the natural oil from your scalp throughout the rest of your hair! We love the Wet Brush!!

Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

There are plenty of expensive pillowcases out there but I have found that this Amazon pillowcase does the trick! The reason you want to sleep on silk is so that your hair won’t pull or break as you toss & turn. Plus, if you are prone to frizz, it’s less likely your hair will get disheveled in the middle of the night.

Long Hair? Sleep in Loose Braids

If you have long hair and want the least damage possible when you sleep, then you should sleep in a very loose braid or with your hair down. It you pile your hair on top of your head then your roots could get very oily and you could break the fine hairs at the nape of your neck. Likewise, if you sleep with your hair in a low bun, it could also break off. Wearing your hair down is also fine!

Switch Up Your Styles

If I am planning to go longer between washes, I will try to wear my hair down two days in a row, wear it half up on day 3 and maybe 4, then wear it in a bun or a braid as many times as possible. I like using these ties for pony tails and buns and these ouchless elastics for braids.

Fight Frizz with Hair Oil

If you have overly frizzy hair that needs smoothing, a conditioner in the shower isn’t your only option. You can get a very lightweight hair oil like this one by Olaplex and rub a tiny amount through your ends or any dry or frizzy strands.

Play Around with Accessories

Cristin Cooper Daily Looks

Similar headband here

Dirty hair is a great excuse for a headband, a beanie in the winter or a fedora in the summer. You can tie a bandana in your bun, play around with clips to hold your hair back or just throw a ball cap and call it a day!

What are some of your tips to prolong your wash?

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  1. Zala Hair says:

    Great tips Cristin! I like your suggestion to use a silk pillowcase to avoid hair breakage. Also, silk pillowcases keep your hair & skin hydrated, and help you keep your favorite hairstyle to last longer.