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Playroom Makeover Ideas

Last week I shared our playroom in stories and promised to recap the furniture we have, the storage solutions we use and my ideas for completing the space. Enter this post. When we were planning our home build, I knew a playroom was essential! I want my house to look like adults live there and try my hardest to keep the #kidcrap to a minimum in the living areas. The girls have a cabinet in the kitchen slap full of art supplies and one in the living room where we keep board games, puzzles, legos, magnatiles and anything that can be played with around the coffee table. Other than that, everything, and I mean everything, is in the playroom!

Our girls are the type that would live it up until 2am every morning if we allowed toys in their room so we have always only had stuffed animals and books around them while they sleep. Even before we had the option of a playroom, I would always keep toys organized in their closets so that they could be “put away” at nighttime. While our playroom is currently the mecca of all things kid, I still like to keep it organized and, for the most part, the toys tucked away since it also doubles as a second guest bedroom. One day we will let the girls decide who gets to take over the playroom and who gets to stay in the room they currently share. For now, here are my ideas to keep our playroom fun, functional and yes, easy on the eyes!

Playroom Design Plan

I love neutrals and while I know that it might be super fun, I just cannot get my head around the idea to have a bright and bold playroom. After all, I’m the one paying for it, decorating it and overseeing the cleanliness of it. Plus, whenever my entire extended family comes to say, every room is taken with adults and well, I don’t want them to feel like they are sleeping in a children’s museum. Here are two options that I’m working through for the playroom design. We already have the furniture including this media set that I scored at an incredible discount at the RH outlet, and this sleeper sofa that I bought for about 75% off at the West Elm Outlet. Other than those two pieces of furniture and the floating shelves I bought from Amazon, the playroom is a blank slate! You will notice that the only thing that is changing in the edits below is the rug and the wallpaper. Hayden told me that she likes the “rug with flowers” so that is probably what we will go with.

Option 1: Floral Rug & Gingham Wallpaper

Neutral Playroom Design

Option 2: Muted Rug & Watercolor Wallpaper

Blush pink playroom design inspiration

Playroom Decor

Dollhouse // I want to decorate with items that are pretty and functional. I love this sweet dollhouse and want to get it for Scottie for her Birthday.

Play Kitchen // This play kitchen is another item that is on my list for getting the girls for their birthday or Christmas.

Chandelier // We have a ceiling fan in this room currently so I’m not sure this beautiful glass beaded chandelier will happen. Unless I find a way to hang it in a corner. I did that with Hayden’s nursery and it was precious because it was over a reading nook, but I don’t think it works for this room. I will probably try to bring in the beaded elements in lamps or maybe a floor light.

Watercolor Portraits // I found these prints on Etsy and contacted the girl to see if she could do some custom ones. Fingers crossed!

Gingham Wallpaper // I actually bought this gingham wallpaper at the Anthropologie outlet in Augusta, GA so we will be using it somewhere. Hayden loves it for the Playroom!

Watercolor Wallpaper // This watercolor wallpaper from Anthropologie is my favorite of the two, but I’m letting the girls ultimately decide between the options.

Floral Rug // This floral rug is a front runner for the space. I found it even cheaper on Overstock!

Medallion Rug // This pink rug is another beautiful option for an area rug! I love the muted colors!

Faux Florals // I found this faux bougainvillea and obviously won’t be paying $300 for it, but I do intend on finding some faux branches and making my own.

Lamp // This Target lamp is just the cutest!!

Pom Pom Pillows // I’m going to wait until we get the rug in before I decide on the pillows & curtains, but I’m leaning towards fun pom pom pillows like these.

Playroom Furniture

Media Center // As I mentioned above, I got this media center on an incredible sale at the RH Outlet in Asheville, NC. I love the white wash look and the great storage options! Here is a similar one in white.

Sleeper Sofa // This sleeper sofa from West Elm is shockingly comfortable! I also love that the grey is versatile since I didn’t know how I was going to decorate things when we bought it.

Fur Bean Bag // I looked around the web and these bean bags look to be the best quality for the best price. I am an RH member, so they would be $164, as opposed to $145 on Amazon.

Spindle Side Table // I love the look of this spindle side table!

Playroom Storage Ideas

Pom Pom Baskets // I love these cute baskets!! We like to keep things like stuffed animals or spare blankets in baskets so I will probably order the larger sizes of these!

Floating Shelves // These floating shelves are AMAZING! I did a lot of research before buying these and I am very pleased with the results. The plastic is thick and durable but clear and lightweight, a hard combo to find!

Closet Storage // Right now are closet storage consists of a bunch of random baskets and bins we have collected and these white bins from The Container Store. I have lofty goals of writing what is inside the bin on the outside in pretty colors, but who knows if that will actually happen.

Stay tuned for when we get this space completed! I can’t wait to share it with you all!

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  1. Katie says:

    I love that it will still look like an adult room with a girly feel!