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Best Dry Shampoos + Hair Products I Love

As I mentioned on instagram, I’m gaining up the courage to venture outside and take some outfit photos in this weather. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see or any pieces you are shopping for let me know and I’ll consider it! For now I’m planning to take pictures on Monday centered around what I wear in January including but not limited to jeans, jackets, vests, sweaters, Uggs and more jackets. Think more athleisure and comfy clothes and less trying to look cute or dress up. While I stall on that I’ve decided to focus a little more on the topic of beauty. This post is actually one I have been working on for awhile but wanted to find a few more favorite products before I hit publish. If you are in the market for a good dry shampoo then read on because I’ve included what I believe to be the 7 absolute best dry shampoos on the market. I also have included my go-to shampoos and styling products. If you have something you swear by leave it in the comments so I can check it out!

Best Hair Products, Shampoos, Styling Products, Dry Shampoos

If you don’t know about my “beauty favorites” page then check that out here. It’s where I keep up with all of my go-to products at any given time. There are a few hair items on there but I wanted to dive a little more in-depth and list out all of the products I love. I’m a sample hoarder by nature and can’t walk through a Sephora without picking up a tiny version or ten of the latest and greatest. Occasionally brands will also send me items to try so long story short, I try a lot of different shampoos, hair sprays, dry shampoos and styling products. These are the ones I’m loving right now as well as the tried and true favorites I have used for years!

Best Hair Products, Best Dry Shampoo

DRY SHAMPOO (from left to right) // Big Sexy Hair, Dove, TRESemme, Pantene, Oribe, Batiste, Ouai

My absolute favorite dry shampoo is the Big Sexy Hair one. It’s pretty expensive so I usually opt for TRESemme but any of them are great. The Oribe Texturizing Spray is technically a styling product but it also doubles as a dry shampoo. I use it religiously and it’s my number one hair item. Coming in a close second is this Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam. I use the spray dry shampoos to touch up or give my roots volume but when I need a true dry shampoo this is the product I use. It’s a foam and you put it on as if you were putting in a root texturizing foam. It will make your hair damp at first and you just continue to rub it in and then brush it dry. I typically will let it sit on my roots for a bit before I brush. This product is unique in the fact that it actually cleans your hair! Oh, and it smells heavenly!

Best Hair Products, Shampoos

SHAMPOO (from left to right) // Alterna Conditioner, Alterna Shampoo, Surface Violet Shampoo, Aveda Conditioner, Aveda Shampoo

Here are the shampoos I use. The Alterna Caviar Repair Products?are formulated with proteins that help rebuild your hair and keep it strong. Their anti-aging products are also great! Another line I love is Shampure by Aveda because it makes my hair shiny and it smells wonderful! My hair naturally pulls a little brassy so I use this violet shampoo once a week to tone my strands and keep my blonde from turning too yellow. I also love this TRESemme shampoo and keep it on hand for when I run out of one of mine and for Zach to use.

Best Hair Products, Styling Products

STYLING PRODUCTS // Alterna Caviar Blowout Balm, Alterna Caviar Invisible Roller Spray, TRESemme Hairspray, Big Sexy Hair Powder Play, Bumble & Bumble Blow Dry, Keratin Treatment

I typically don’t use anything other than the Oribe Texturizing Spray and this TRESemme hairspray. However, if I’m wanting a really good blowdry I will use the Caviar Satin or the Bumble and Bumble and if I want my curls to last all day I will use the Alterna Invisible Roller Spray. When I want some extra volume but don’t need a dry shampoo I will use the Big Sexy Powder Play and this Keratin treatment is my favorite leave-in conditioner!


Here are few of the styling tools I use!

HAIRBRUSH – If you want a stellar blowout and volume then use this bad boy! The only downside is that it is a pain to pack for trips.

STRAIGHTENER // This straightener is expensive, we can all agree on that. Is it that much better than others to justify the price? I’m not sure. But if you use a straightener every day and want to invest in a good quality one that keeps your hair healthy this could be for you. It has an internal microchip to control temperature fluctuation and maintain even heat along the plates. Also, the plates?have beveled edges which make it really easy to create waves and curls. The plates are also flexible and move with your hair without any pulling which decreases damage to your strands.?The plates are also made of?Tourmaline??and ceramic which help seal in the hair cuticle and gives your hair a frizz-free style.

If you want to know how to curl your hair with a flat iron then you can check out this easy 45 second tutorial. Just repeat the same technique all around your hair to create waves from a styling iron. It’s as bare bones as it comes and shows you a really simple way to get pretty waves!

CURLING IRON // You should only curl your hair with a 1.25″ curling iron. I don’t care how long or short it is. Anything smaller and the curls will be too tight, anything larger and they don’t hold. If you want the master tutorial on how I curl my hair then check out this post.

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  1. Lindsay Collar says:

    I have really thick, course hair and I CAN NOT live without my T3 Featherweight hair dyer and Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream. Game changers!

  2. Nicky Hair says:

    I find dry shampoo useful especially during winter season. They help me get rid of oiliness in the scalp. Great recommendations, thank you for sharing!

  3. Leslie White says:

    Monat Dry Shampoo… residue!! It is the bomb!