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Casual Fall Outfits with Nordstrom

What is your go-to closet staple for fall? Mine is a great plaid shirt like this one from Nordstrom! A plaid top makes me feel festive in a “I’m ready to order an apple cider and pick up some pumpkins on a way to a tailgate” kind of way. It is also one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you could own thanks to the variety of colors and different options for styling. Today I’m going to walk you through four ways to wear a plaid button-up and 6 different pieces of outerwear to pair it with. The best part is that everything in this post is from Nordstrom, my favorite one-stop shop for shopping. With Nordstrom‘s free shipping, free returns, and endless product catalogue you can easily buy everything needed for a fall wardrobe overhaul in one sitting. Ready to get some tips on how to stretch your closet, create a mini capsule wardrobe for fall and take peek at most beautiful places we visited in LA, Malibu Farm? Great! Let’s get to it.

Plaid Top (Small) / 10″ High-Rise Button-Front Jeans (27) / Cognac Booties (9) / Cardigan (Small) / Bag / Similar Bag Under $100

4 Ways to Wear a Button-Up

Plaid is a fantastic choice for any casual fall outfit due to it’s versatility. You can buy a top like this Madewell one and wear it four ways even before you start layering outerwear. My favorite way is to button it up, twist the front and tuck it in the front of your pants, a la the “french tuck”. This is easiest if you are wearing high-rise denim like this Madewell pair. Another denim option is this under $100 pair of high-rise denim. With a high inseam you can also unbutton the first couple of buttons and tie the front into a knot. I definitely wouldn’t try to pull off the tied look without several inches of denim to cover your belly button. If you don’t love the tucked or tied look, wear your plaid untucked. You can leave it unbuttoned with a plain v-neck or graphic tee underneath (I would roll the sleeves) or button it up. I would always unbutton the top couple of buttons to make it into a v-neck of sorts and maybe even the bottom button so that you don’t look like you’re in a straight jacket.

SHOP THE LOOK: Plaid Top (Small) / 10″ High-Rise Button-Front Jeans (27) / Cognac Booties (9) / Cardigan (Small) / Bag / Similar Bag Under $100

SHOP THE LOOK: Plaid Top (Small) / 10″ High-Rise Button-Front Jeans (27) / Cognac Booties (9) / Cardigan (Small) / Bag / Similar Bag Under $100

Layering Outerwear for Casual Fall Outfits

And the fun for styling plaid doesn’t stop there. I LOVE plaid with a fleece vest, this one being my favorite, paired with riding boots or booties. I also think pairing plaid with a long cardigan is a great choice. If you trying to figure out what color to wear pick a secondary color in the plaid or go with a neutral color that matches your shoes to be safe! Three other casual ways to wear plaid are pairing it with an insulated vest, a cardigan or a field jacket. Both of those looks would go easily from Saturday morning errands to lunch to a casual dinner or football game. If you wanted to dress up your button-up then opt for a knit draped vest or a suede moto jacket. It is also worth noting that a chambray button-up would work well with any of these outerwear options.

If you take these same principles and add in a sweater like this cream one and a relaxed top and you could instantly create a fall capsule wardrobe. Wear all of the tops (plaid button-up, chambray button-up, sweater and top) with jeans, riding boots and a shoulder bag and that’s 4 outfits. Wear each of those outfits with a vest, then with a jacket and also with a cardigan and you have 12 more outfits. Take all 12 of those outfits and switch out the boots for heeled booties and the shoulder bag for a crossbody and you have a total of 24 outfits! You can add a t-shirt under the button-ups for even more options, too!

You could buy these items and mix & match all fall long!

casual fall staples

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven

The Best Place to Buy Fall Style for Everyone

I love partnering with Nordstrom on posts for you guys because they carry so many great items and I can find everything at one retailer. Nordstrom has an unmatched selection of clothes and accessories so you could get everything you need to spruce up your wardrobe for fall. Not to mention you can also get everything you need for your husband or kids and even your home, too! And they don’t only have the items I’ve mentioned but hundreds of options for each of those categories.

For those of you with a Nordstrom in your town you can use curbside pickup, order online and pick it up like you’re running out for coffee. If you don’t have a local Nordstrom then you can still utilize their free shipping and free returns! Not only does Nordstrom make the buying process easy but they also have free alterations incase anything doesn’t fit quite right and you earn rewards for your purchases via the Nordstrom card.


SHOP THE LOOK: Plaid Top (Small) / 10″ High-Rise Button-Front Jeans (27) / Cognac Booties (9) / Cardigan (Small) / Bag / Similar Bag Under $100

Casual Fall Outfits for the Family

Also, I think it’s worth noting that any of these outfits would work for family photos! If you want to dress up a little more pair the top with a blazer. Dress your husband in chinos or jeans and a neutral sweater or button-up and find cute dresses or tops for your kids in colors that match your outfit. Everyone says start with the husband because he’s the hardest to shop for but I say start with yourself because chances are he has three things he likes to wear anyways. Am I feeling a family photo post coming on?!? Maybe, just maybe.

SHOP THE LOOK: Plaid Top (Small) / 10″ High-Rise Button-Front Jeans (27) / Cognac Booties (9) / Cardigan (Small) / Bag / Similar Bag Under $100

Thank you to  Nordstrom & ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own! 

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