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Favorite Hair Products for Fall

Who is ready for an updated haircare post?!?! Today I’m giving you a rundown of my favorite hair products for fall including shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, hairsprays and styling products. If you have any favorites I would love for you to leave them in the comments. I find some really great items from your feedback. Here are the hair items I’m currently using & loving.

Big Sexy Dry Shampoo / Ouai Dry Shampoo / Tresemme Hairspray / T3 Curling Iron / Hair Clip / Invisibobble

Favorite Hair Products for Fall

BEST HAIR VITAMINS – If you buy nothing else, buy these vitamins. I swear by biotin and I stand behind the claim that these bad boys brought my hair back to life after having kids. If you don’t have kids, spoiler alert, your hair falls out post partum and you may or may not get baby bangs. Google it.

SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER #1 – Love this S&C for strong, healthy locks! I don’t really wash my hair a ton so I feel like I can get away with a more expensive shampoo. I will also use drugstore products too though!

SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER #2 (Drugstore) – We LOVE this S&C in our house. The smell is great and it’s what I keep on hand for Zach and I to both use.

LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER (Drugstore) – A must-have for sure. This leave-in won’t leave you greasy but it helps to smooth out your hair AND it has Keratin!

VOLUME-BOOSTING MOUSEE – I tried this for the first time last week and so far I’m liking it! It gives you a ton of volume.

HAIRSPRAY (Drugstore) – My ride or die hairspray. Don’t even try to get me to switch. Or do because I like a challenge.

TEXTURIZING SPRAY (The Real MVP) – If I had to take one item on a deserted island it would be a boat filled with this. The boat to get home and this product because I love it that much. I love the smell, the texture it gives my hair, the volume, everything. This is my favorite styling product I own!

DRY SHAMPOO #1 (Drugstore) – Such a great drugstore shampoo and it won’t leave your hair sticky. I have a thing for Tresemme, clearly!

DRY SHAMPOO #2 – This one will leave your hair sticky because of the texture it provides but it will also give you serious volume and keep your curls all day long.

DRY SHAMPOO #3 – I love this stuff! When I don’t want to wash my hair, this is what I use. It’s a foam that you put into your roots and it cleans your hair!! Simply amazing and the smell is heavenly.

CURLING IRON #1 – Full disclosure, I was sent this product. However, I’m loving it so much I probably would have bought it for myself. It was on sale a couple weeks ago and I will keep a lookout for you guys!

CURLING IRON #2 (Drugstore) – A 1.25″ Conair curling iron is what I have used for the past ten years. It’s a great product.

HAIR CLIPS – Love these to pin my hair up when I curl.

ROUND BRUSH – A must have for blowdrying your hair! It will smooth your strands and give you volume. If you’re lost on how to do a blow-out just ask your hairdresser to teach you!

FLAT BRUSH – I love these things! I use them and I use them on the girls!

If you love all things hair then check out this section of my website for more products, tips and tutorials! Have a great day!

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