Amazon Prime Day

It’s no secret that I have a pretty steady relationship with Amazon Prime. I regularly post Amazon shopping edits, post Amazon finds to Instagram & keep up with all of my favorites, like these floating shelves, from Amazon on this page. This post is going to let you in on everything I know about Amazon Prime Day, including when we can expect to shop it this year!

Book Shelves Linked (These posts are scheduled in advance but in light of last week’s events & the current state of our nation, I wanted to address this. If you are looking for books that have messages of diversity for your kids, check out the “Children’s Books” section on my Amazon Page. Reading our kids stories with diverse characters is one small thing that we can do reinforce anti-racism & to help our kids learn to love people of color.)

Amazon Prime Day 2020

Usually Prime Day is mid-July, but due to current events many tech experts are reporting Amazon Prime Day has been pushed back until August 2020. Exact dates are still TBD, but check back as I update this post with exact details for Prime Day 2020. 

In the past Prime Day has been 36 to 48 hours of flash sales and deals, many beating Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. In response, Target, Walmart and Best Buy usually counter with their own super sale days. 

How to Shop Prime Day

While Prime Day is still a few months away, here are some expert tips on how to shop Prime Day (even if you don’t pull an all-nighter like I have). 

  1. Starting a week before Prime Day, you can tap the “Watch this Deal” button on the items you’re wanting to shop! If and when they go on sale on Prime Day, you’ll get an alert.
  2. Explore the Prime Day product launches! These are new products that are exclusive to Prime members for a limited time. 
  3. On Prime Day, the items included in the sale will be easily identifiable with a badge that says “PRIME DAY DEAL”. In previous years they’ve been bright blue with black text!
  4. Be sure to check back to this post for more specific offers from Amazon Prime Day! I’ll be updating it leading up to and on Prime Day. 

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Mint green spring dress Amazon

Dress Linked // Be warned, you cannot wear a bra with it because the back is low. I’m in a medium.

I always keep my favorite Amazon purchases updated on my Amazon page, organized by category. There’s everything from Amazon fashion finds to activities for the girls to household gadgets and even beauty picks. 

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