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Top Amazon Purchases of 2019

What did we do before we shopped on Amazon? I sincerely have no idea. This year, we bought many of the essentials that kept our family going from Amazon. From appliances, to clothing basics, to random household necessities like air mattresses, ear plugs, and step stools, you can find just about anything you need on Amazon. In today’s post, I’m sharing our top Amazon purchases of 2019. If you’re new here, I would be remise not to tell you pop on over to my Amazon Shop, and to check out my recent Amazon favorites while you’re at it!

Clothing & Accessories

Blue Light Glasses // I’m convinced that everyone who works consistently in front of a screen needs these! I know there is some speculation around whether or not they actually help with eye strain, but in my experience I think they really do.

Strappy Sports Bra // Why would I pay $50 for a sports bra that A) no one sees and B) is going to get sweaty and gross anyways? Enter $20 Amazon bra.

Tummy Control Leggings // Under $30, come in tons of colors, and feel like Lulu. Sign me up.

Babydoll Dress // This was a find from over the summer that I wore for Clemson gamedays!

V-Neck Swing Dress with Pockets // As seen in this daily look from date night! Pssst, it has pockets!!


Makeup Removing Towels // These are great for removing makeup and not having to worry about stains! Come in a pack of 6.

Sio Silicone Skin Patch // These are magic. I have used on my neck and decollette and swear they literally transform your skin over night.

Makeup Travel Case // This sucker is no joke. It holds literally EVERYTHING.

Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleanser // The magic makeup brush cleaner that leaves your brushes squeaky clean and dry within the hour!

Elta MD SPF 46 // My go-to daily SPF that also acts as a moisturizer and primer.

Tinkle Razors // I use these for at home dermaplaning once a week. Always repurchasing!

Mavala Nail Alert // This stuff is great if you have a thumb sucker or if you’re prone to biting your nails. It stopped Scottie from sucking her thumb in two days!

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector // Thankful that in 2019 I discovered the power of Olaplex products. I also use the shampoo and conditioner!

White Rabbit Cotton Pads // These cotton pads are 100% organic cotton, free of pesticides or chemicals and are unbleached and untreated! I’m all about integrating clean products into my beauty routine and these are the best.

For Kids

Long Sleeve Tees // Bought these for the girls! A great price for basic long sleeve tees – plus they come in a TON of colors!

Life Vest // These life jackets are US Coast Guard Approved and have a comfortable neoprene fit. For summers at the lake!

Baking Play Set for the Beach // Took this with us on beach trips this summer and the girls loved imagining with it!

Unicorn Pajamas // Cute and inexpensive PJ set! Comes in 3 colors so you could purchase multiple to alternate.

iPad Holder // We would not survive family trips without these!

Piano Starter Kit // This STEAM focused Piano Starter Kit pairs with it’s own app! It teaches kids the basics of rhythm and music.

Play Makeup Set // You’ve undoubtedly seen me post videos and pictures of my girls getting into my makeup. This play set is their very own and requires MUCH less clean up.

Kid’s Digital Camera // Give these to your kids to capture pictures & videos from vacations, holidays, etc! They’re easy to use and take SD cards so you can actually print out/save the photos they take.

Kid’s Play Dyson Vacuum // Start em young, am I right? I’m hoping that by gifting the girls this play vacuum they’ll take a liking to it and volunteer to actually vacuum when they’re big enough. One can dream.

Sight Words // The girls love Rock N Learn DVDs for car rides or screen time! It’s educational but fun for them.

Portable Fans // I got these for the girls to take with them to a Clemson game and TBH I ended up using it about half the time. So worth buying for the inescapable summer heat!

Headphones // You can’t beat this price for kid’s headphones!

Hair Chalk // Washable hair chalk so your littles can get creative (without it being permanent).

Kitchen and Dining

Glass tupperware // Snapware storage containers are the way to go. They are leak proof, air tight, and are easy to open and seal! This set is actually glass so they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker // So fun for homemade ice cream and fro-yo!

Chairs // I have these chairs on our back porch! They are durable and really great quality for the price. I’ve seen similar sets priced much higher elsewhere!

Step Stool // Our cabinets stretch pretty high and I sometimes need to pull out these stool to reach top shelf items. Plus it’s helpful for the girls to access things they need (so they don’t resort to climbing on the counters).

Re-Usable Silicone Sandwich Bags // These baggies are great for packing snacks for the girls. Plus they are dishwasher AND microwave safe!!

Sunday Suppers Cookbook // I love this recipe book mostly because it’s a pretty addition to styling vignettes on my kitchen counter, but it has some great recipes inside as well!

Ninja Pressure Cooker // Pressure cooker and air fryer all in one. If you’re new the the pressure cooking game, let me enlighten you. These things can literally take your food from frozen to full cooked in no time. It’s amazing and perfectly safe!

Around the House

Step Stool // Every home needs one of these for those “I can’t reach that” moments!

Wool Dryer Balls // I use these especially when we wash towels and bedding. They’re proven to help your clothes dry up to 25% faster, saving you energy and money!

Velvet Hangers // Non slip hangers! Essential for an organized closet. I love that they take up minimal room!

Air Mattress // We keep an air mattress on hand for camping trips, unexpected visitors, etc. This one is self inflating so you don’t have to worry about a pump.

Buffalo Plaid Rug // Machine washable rug for the kitchen, bathroom, or even outdoor areas.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers // I keep these stocked at all times. They have a billion uses and can clean just about anything.

Conair Steamer // Takes 40 seconds to heat up and gives me a good 20 minutes of steam before I have to refill.

Trtl Neck Pillow // I tried this on the way to London and while it’s not the saving grace I was hoping, it is good for quick naps. It’s a modern take on the neck pillow.

Yeti Backpack Cooler // Zach loves this thing for tailgates, lake days, beach trips, etc. Easy to transport and implements Yeti technology so you can trust that everything inside will stay nice and cool.

Soft Ear Plugs // These are the best for protecting little ears while swimming!

Homebody Book // It’s no secret that Joanna Gaines is amazing, and this book is a design lovers dream. Great to keep on the coffee table or to give as a gift!

Slim Aarons: Women Book // Another great coffee table book I purchased this year!

Jewelry Organizer // I put this in one of my dresser drawers to keep all my jewelry organized.

Shark Rocket Vacuum // This is a great vacuum that does the job for much less than other higher-tech models on the market.

Roomba Vacuuming Robot // What did I do before Roombas existed?? I literally want one for every floor of our house. Life changing.

Coop Home Goods Pillow // After the great pillow debacle of 2019, this pillow came out on top as the best pick! We have had ours for about 6 months and are still loving them.

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  1. Allison says:

    I love for this post. Amazon is my Bff!!! Thank you for doing this roundup!

  2. Alena says:

    I noticed you posted a pic of Liquid IV, but didn’t see a comment on them. What do you think? I think they are amazing and refer them to friends all the time. I hate to keep referring, if they aren’t liked by others.

  3. Jen says:

    I see you have Liquid IV in your initial picture, but it wasn’t mentioned in your post. Could you please explain what you like about the product? Thanks!

  4. Morgan Mailath says:

    Just got my face dream planned for the first time ordering the tinkle razors now for at home help ♥️