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Amazon Favorites for Vacation

As promised, here are my best Amazon finds for vacation! I’ve included my must-haves for traveling with kids, everything we take when we’re on the beach and a few travel necessities that would be great even if you weren’t headed somewhere sunny. If you want to know some Amazon buys for clothing and accessories to take with you on vacation then visit this post or go check out my Amazon Shop. Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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Hayden’s Suit / Scottie’s Suit / Shoes

Best Travel Accessories from Amazon

Amazon Finds for the Car

Amazon finds for long road trips and vacation.

WIRELESS EARPHONES – I love these earphones because I can listen to my phone via bluetooth while charging it. If I’m driving the girls by myself I let them play quietly or watch a movie while I listen to podcasts. It’s basically the only way I survive. Don’t worry… if someone screams from the back seat loud enough I can still hear them. A few of my favorite podcasts are this one, this one & this one.

IPHONE CAR MOUNT – This one is great for the dash & this one is great for the windshield.

FIRE HD TABLETS – Save $40 on one or $100 on two. These are the tablets my girls have and we love them! You can subscribe to their monthly service and your kids can play hundreds of age-appropriate games. It is also very easy to download any Amazon Prime movies to the them.

KIDS HEADPHONES – My girls have these headphones and so far we have loved them!

CAR SEAT PROTECTOR - These protectors are a life saver if you have kids in carseats.

WATER WOW ACTIVITY BOOKS – I could kiss the maker of these things! They are one of my favorite Amazon finds for road trips and vacation.

DUAL DVD PLAYER FOR HEADREST – My car doesn’t have TVs in it so we have these. Although I will say I saw some at Target for way cheaper if you wanted to try those!

iPAD HEADREST HOLDER – Another option for if your kids want to watch movies & you don’t have them in your car! I also just saw this option that has a seat protector and organizer and might be buying it to try!

Finds for the Beach

Rosemary Beach, 30A Travel Guide

BACKPACK BEACH CHAIR – If you don’t have a backpack beach chair yet then hop on the band wagon. These chairs are lightweight, have a headrest and a cup holder. Jackpot!

GREAT BOOK – I am loving this book and literally forcing myself to put it down to finish this post. You can find more of my beach reads here.

SUNSCREEN – An obvious shoe-in for a vacation post. I love this sunscreen for my face, this one for our family, this one for my kid’s faces and this one for my eczema prone baby girl. Read more about battling eczema here.

COOLER – We have this one which is very expensive but keeps ice frozen all day. We also have this smaller one which I like a lot better but won’t hold more than a few drinks or snacks.

GOOGLES – My girls love these goggles and I actually found very similar ones at the HomeGoods in our town!

BABY POWDER – Even if you don’t have babies, baby powder should be a beach staple. A couple of shakes and it wicks the moisture right off of your sandy hands so you can eat or reapply sunscreen sand-free!

CLIP-ON FAN – I love a good battery operated fan for your beach umbrella or stroller!

BEACH WAGON – We have had this wagon for a couple of years and LOVE it. We use it for groceries, tailgating and especially the beach!

BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – We always have a waterproof bluetooth speaker that we take to the beach or the pool. Also if you are looking for a station, Justin Timberlake Pandora is A+!

Amazon Travel Accessories

HANDHELD STEAMER – This little thing is great for trips and fits conveniently into your suitcase!

PACKING CUBES – These are great and so cute! However, for kids, I love a good old-fashioned ziplock bag! I buy the gallon size and pack my girls’ clothes in them. I’ll put wet bathing suits in them or use them for trash on the beach, diapers, you name it! Luckily now we’re out of the diapers phase but when my girls were babies I used them religiously. It’s also a great way to go ahead and separate outfits when someone else is keeping them! Throw all the kid’s outfits in one ziplock so grandma or the sitter doesn’t have to think!

TRAVEL PILLOW – We took this to Hawaii aka WORLDS GREATEST Amazon travel find!

MAKEUP ORGANIZER – I have the large to store makeup and ordered the small one to travel with!

EXTERNAL CHARGER – Never leave home without one of these! How am I supposed to insta-story on a dead battery?!

If you have any great Amazon finds for vacation, leave them in the comments below! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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