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What’s In My Makeup Bag: July

Welcome to my monthly makeup post dedicated to all of my favorite items currently in my makeup bag! Some of these are still hanging around from my June favorites but I’m happy to report I have a few new discoveries that you guys are going to love!! I’m always looking to expand my beauty knowledge (and my makeup collection if I’m being honest) so please comment with any new discoveries you have or products you can’t live without. I hope you enjoy reading all about my July makeup favorites and find a new product or two to love!

Blogger Beauty Favorites

Blemish Concealer / Blush / Foundation / Powder / Mascara / Mascara Primer / Eyeshadow Palette / Setting Spray / Brushes / Eyeshadow Primer / Lipstick / Setting Powder / Lip liner / Concealer / Bronzer / Eyeliner / Eye Stick / Brow Pencil / Highlighter


I’ve ordered these in the order I apply them!

Brushes – The first fancy brushes I’ve ever owned and so far I think they are worth it! I bought a kit to save some $$$. This kit is a part of the Nordstrom sale.

Blemish Concealer – Color “light”. I dot this on any blemishes and lightly blend, letting it set before starting my foundation. It’s infused with “anti-aging peptides and hydrolyzed collagen, plus oil-absorbing zinc oxide, kaolin clay, witch hazel, tea tree, sulfur and a gentle AHA/BHA complex, it delivers flawless-looking results immediately and more transformative results over time!”

Eyeshadow Primer – Color is “painterly”. I apply this before any eyeshadow because it makes the color show up better, helps the powder stay on and not crease.

Eyeshadow Palette – Another Charlotte Tilbury find. I’ve been using this all summer and love the golden tones! I also love that her website tells you exactly how to use it!

Foundation – I’ve been wearing this hydrating foundation all summer in color light medium-beige. I have loved the coverage, wear & the way it makes my skin look & feel. After hearing mixed reviews I was hesitant to try but I give it five stars! The only thing I don’t love is that there is an applicator in it because I feel like that might get dirty over time.

Concealer – The best concealer you will ever buy. I wear the color light-medium in the summer. It never goes on sale so go ahead and just pull the trigger and thank me when you’re obsessed. Also, you only need a tiny bit so it will last a really long time!

Powder – Using a big brush I lightly tap this powder in light beige all over my face before starting my contouring.

Bronzer – The perfect hue of bronzer for contouring! This is the mini size from Sephora which is more than enough to try it out for a bit.

Setting Powder – Y’all this is the real MVP. I know $38 for a setting powder you can’t even see sounds like a rip off but when it makes all of your makeup look 1000% better you really are doing yourself an injustice by not buying it. Even if you are the kind of girl that loves a little CC cream and blush, this will make your skin look so incredibly smooth and give you an airbrushed appearance.

Blush – I love this blush in “flower child”. It?s a rosy coral color that I think can match a variety of skin tones.

Eyeliner – I’ve almost used this entire eyeliner! I love that it has two sides, one for a more dramatic liquid look and another, more traditional, applicator.

Brow Pencil – I’ve gone a shade darker on the brows and am trying out this pencil in color “dark”. So far I like it. Also, for those of you that have asked I am loving my micro-bladed eyebrows and plan on doing a full post on them. They were done by Shelley at Clemson Eye Aesthetics in Greenville, SC and I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Setting Spray – I always use a setting spray! This one actually lowers the temp or your makeup to keep everything in one place even in the worst weather conditions. It gives you smoother-looking skin and applies perfectly. To use hold it 10″ away from your face and mist your face 3-4 times.

Lip liner – Color is “pillow talk” and it’s a beautiful natural mauve. It’s called a “lip cheat” because the shade is perfect for relining and over-lining your lips.

Lipstick – If you follow along with me you know that I love Charlotte Tilbury. I think her products are the perfect combination of natural and glamorous and this lipstick is no exception. The color is “Bitch Perfect”.

Highlighter – My favorite highlighter, ever! You dab this wand on your cheek bones, down the center of your nose and even on your cupid’s bow (the top of your lips) and it gives you the prettiest glow.

Mascara Primer – I keep this in my makeup bag for any mascara that doesn’t come with a primer. Apply a coat, let it dry a little and then put on your mascara. You will notice a huge difference in the length & volume of your mascara!

Hope you guys enjoy reading these as much as I like writing them! If you have any new must-try products please leave them below!?
– Cristin

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