Workout Essentials + Bootcamp Update

It’s week five of the fitness plan I am doing and I’m both excited to see my results and a little nervous because I know I haven’t done an A+ effort. But hey… progress over perfection. I was able to stick to this plan through Zach’s bday, Christmas, New Years travel and on and on. This week is the final of the 6 week program and I’m about to be incredibly dedicated not only because the holidays are finally over but because we are (gulp) going to Hawaii in a few weeks! Once I’m done with the program I’m fully planning to take photos and weigh myself (I haven’t thus far). Maybe I’ll post them if I get brave so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, here are a few of the items that have helped me throughout this program, all of which I highly recommend.

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PROTEIN BARS // Moderately decent tasking plant-based, gluten-free protein bars. I mean is anything super healthy every super yummy? Nope.

NIKES // Hands down my favorite athletic shoes. Very lightweight and comfy.

SPORTS BRA // My most-worn sports bra. I love the long line and the fit.

WIRELESS HEADPHONES // Do not. I repeat do not buy Beats by Apple. They are horrible and break non-stop and it’s a known issue. I’ve been trying to get mine replaced for 5 months with no avail. These Bose ones are great!

WORKOUT TANK // Did you know you can buy Lululemon on Amazon? Because you can!

PROTEIN POWDER // Plant based protein powder. So yummy!

COLLAGEN PACKETS // These tasteless collegen packets dissolve in anything! Collagen not only promotes better looking hair, skin and nails but also keeps your joints working and helps you maintain your weight. It’s a miracle supplement and you should all be taking it.

SHAKER BOTTLE // To mix your protein or BCAAs with.

PATAGONIA PULLOVER // I love taking a pullover to the gym with me for these brisk winter days. This one is perfect because it isn’t too big that it can’t be shoved into a gym bag but it’s very warm!

NIKE CROPS // Nike pants are my favorite pants and I love these crops.

NIKE TANK // This is my favorite workout shirt when worn with a long-line sports bra!

NIKE CROPS // If you don’t like your pants riding down when you workout get these. The drawstring on the inside helps them stay in place.

PATAGONIA VEST // If I don’t wear the pullover I wear a vest and I love this one!

BCAAs // BCAAs are Branch Chained Amino Acids are are a part of the 8 essential amino acids you should get in food because the body can’t naturally make them. I drink them (you just mix with water) before and after a workout because they trigger protein synthesis and inhibit the breakdown of muscle cells….. aka protect your muscles and help your body work to break down the fat.?And this flavor is so great!


Another thing you should add to your fitness plan is a great probiotic. I recommend this one.


Now let’s talk about juicing. If you remember I did a horrible, no-good, awful cleanse earlier in the year with a brand that I will refrain from mentioning. I happened to have found a company that makes really awesome juices that actually taste pretty great. I’ve tried four so far and even the green juice packed with romaine and ginger, etc is tasty!

Let me introduce you to The Juice Ritual This program is unique because it happens on the first Thursday of each month and is all about giving your body a day of digestive rest (one day fast) supported by six USDA certified organic, raw, alive vegetable juices shipped right to your door. That’s right I said alive. Their juices are actually raw and are not allowed to be shelved or they will spoil and that’s a good thing. This means they don’t treat their juices with any type of preservation technique. So basically if you every buy juice from a grocery store it’s been treated to be for preservation and is essentially nutritionally dead.

The other really cool thing about these juices is that they are made with mostly vegetables and little to no fruit. This is also great because too much fruit in a juice causes an insulin response in the body which breaks your fast. And I’m not kidding when I say they are actually really good! The juices change up from time to time but here is a sample of some of the regulars.

  • The Lively Lemon: alkaline water, organic lemon, cayenne pepper.
  • Green Lemonade: organic romaine, organic kale, organic cucumber, organic lemon, and organic ginger.
  • Inflammation Tonic: organic raw coconut water, alkaline water, organic orange, organic lemon, blue majik algae.
  • Immunity Tonic: organic raw coconut water, alkaline water, organic lemon, organic turmeric, organic ashwagandha, organic black pepper.
  • Sweet Beet Punch: organic cucumber, organic romaine, organic carrot, organic beet, organic lemon, organic ginger
  • A Nutty Date: organic almonds, organic dates, alkaline water, vanilla bean, and cinnamon.

You can order The Juice Ritual as a one-time thing but it’s really set up to be a recurring monthly program. You get access to a Mastermind Group where a top health and wellness expert will present on a different topic each month. For example, in January Dr. Stephen Cabral is presenting. He’s a board certified naturopathic doctor practicing functional medicine in Boston. I’m starting it this month and if you want to sign up you can do so via this link.