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How to Transition from Summer to Fall

Today I’ve teamed up with Nordstrom to share my picks for casual style & effortless outfits that transition seamlessly from summer to fall. Living in the Carolinas early fall can be tricky to say the least! Just when you think you’re safe in shorts and a tee a storm rolls in or a cold front starts blowing through and you find yourself needing a lightweight sweater or thin jacket to wear. Or on the flip side you could be layered up in your fall best only to find yourself in the sun breaking a sweat. If you suffer from a change of season apparel anxiety and find yourself never knowing what to wear then relax because I am here to help!! Today I’m going to walk you through a couple of key pieces you should have in your closet to transition from summer to fall as well as a few tips for how to wear them.

  Outfit details: Jeans (TTS, I’m in a 27. Similar/cheaper pair here) / Jacket (TTS, I’m in a small. Under $100 & you will wear it non-stop!) / Tank (Similar Tank) / Shoes (Similar Shoes) / Sunglasses / Under $100 Bag

By now any faithful TSSG reader knows how deep my love affair for Nordstrom runs. I know, I know, everyone loves Nordstrom but as a mom of two little girls with a husband who loves clothes but hates to shop, it has a special place in my heart. In one sitting I can order clothes for my husband, my girls, and anything I need for myself including clothes, shoes, makeup, home decor, fitness apparel and more. And girl don’t we all love that free shipping and free returns policy! I live two hours from the closest Nordstrom and let me tell you, their shipping policy is a life saver! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve bought from other stores only to have the return window pass while I’m trying to maintain order in my household, tend to everyone’s needs, work two jobs and keep my kids alive. For those of you that are lucky enough to have a Nordstrom in your town you really should take advantage of their curbside pickup, if you don’t already. Not only does Nordstrom make the buying process easy but they also have free alterations incase anything doesn’t fit quite right and you earn rewards for your purchases via the Nordstrom card. Just the other day I cashed in on some Nordstrom Notes and I constantly use their alterations for jeans or hemlines thanks to this long torso with short legs situation I have going on.

Outfit details: Jeans (TTS, I’m in a 27. Similar/cheaper pair here) / Jacket (TTS, I’m in a small. Under $100 & you will wear it non-stop!) / Tank (Similar Tank) / Shoes (Similar Shoes) / Sunglasses / Under $100 Bag

So basically what I’m saying is the only hurdle to shopping at Nordstrom is figuring out what exactly of their unparalleled inventory you’re going to purchase. Luckily for you, I’m somewhat of an expert shopper. While I’m bragging now is probably a good time to mention that I’m also somewhat of an expert on the subject of today’s post. Layering clothes and how to take warm weather looks & make them work for cooler temps is something I’ve had a lot of practice with. For those of you that don’t know I live in a small town on the border of SC & NC and am constantly driving into Greenville, SC where the weather could be 10+ degrees colder than in the mountains of Western North Carolina where my in-laws live. When Zach and I first started dating the temperature change was somewhat of an issue, especially in the late summer & early fall. I would leave my home in Greenville, SC wearing jeans, sandals and a short-sleeve or lightweight top and drive up the mountain. When I arrived at Zach’s or at his parent’s house we were always outside and I was always freezing to death. Zach, frustrated that I couldn’t grasp the concept of an elevation change would lend me a sweatshirt and I would conveniently stock-pile them in my apartment back in Greenville, always forgetting to return them.

Outfit details: Jeans (TTS, I’m in a 27. Similar/cheaper pair here) / Jacket (TTS, I’m in a small. Under $100 & you will wear it non-stop!) / Tank (Similar Tank) / Shoes (Similar Shoes) / Sunglasses / Under $100 Bag


The key to a great transitional outfit falls in 4 parts. A great pair of jeans, a neutral top, a lightweight jacket and a pair of shoes that works for a variety of temps.

GREAT FITTING JEANS – I love a pair of skinny jeans that has just the right amount of height on the waist because you can easily leave a shirt untucked or tuck one in. I also love for the skinny jeans to have a slight fray on the hem or one that folds easily. This pair from Rag & Bone are expensive but they wear beautifully and are easy to wear them down or cuff them up at the ankle should your shoes need it. I also love this distressed pair, this high-rise pair and this pair of classic skinny jeans. If you want more options my favorite denim brands from Nordstrom are Articles of Society, BP, Paige, Rag & Bone, J.Crew, Madewell & Levi’s!

NEUTRAL TOPS – You cannot go wrong with a lightweight tee or a tank in the late summer & early fall. If you live somewhere on the warmer side pick a lightweight jacket for evenings and start wearing it with a tank. Then as the temps drop you could pair it with a tee and eventually move to wearing it with a long sleeve option. You will be able to get a ton of wear out of it this way! If you are looking for some good basics I love this button-front tank, this casual cotton v-neck one, this $17 one, and this silk camisole which is very similar to the one in my photo. Nordstrom has so many women’s tees at great prices! This is my favorite tee currently although size up if you want it to be loose because it’s a little fitted on me. This tee has cute peplum detailing and this one is my all-time favorite pocket tee. I also love this option and this option for when it gets closer to fall.

LIGHTWEIGHT OUTERWEAR – This is my favorite category! I just don’t feel dressed without a layer so I love to add a lightweight jacket to complete my look. As I mentioned above this is a great way to extend your closet. One classic lightweight jacket that you could wear with tanks, tees, and dresses alike is a great addition to any closet. My four favorite styles of jacket are a knit jacket, a utility jacket, a thin blazer & a faux suede or leather.

TRANSITIONAL FOOTWEAR – My personal favorite shoes to transition from summer to fall are booties, block heels & mules. For block heels I love this pair of sandals and this suede block heel. And while technically not a block heel, this espadrille would last you well through late summer and early fall! I also love a good peep toe bootie once school starts back and tailgating starts up. These are my favorites and they are very comfortable! I have them in the French Grey in a size 9. I also love these, these and these. There are SO MANY cute mules this season but a few of my favorites are these, this studded pair, this blush pair with a bow and these leopard beauties.

Outfit details: Jeans (TTS, I’m in a 27. Similar/cheaper pair here) / Jacket (TTS, I’m in a small. Under $100 & you will wear it non-stop!) / Tank (Similar Tank) / Shoes (Similar Shoes) / Sunglasses / Under $100 Bag

This post was Sponsored by Nordstrom and ShopStyle. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible! Photos by Katheryn Blythe.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Hi Cristin, these are all great pieces. I’m looking forward to getting the Rag and Bone Jeans, but had a question about the 10” high waisted, drop hem Madewell jeans. Did you find that they were long or was the regular length ok?
    Thank you.