Top 5 Dark Home Exteriors

As we begin to build our home I’m going to share with the items we are selecting. I thought it would be fun to have a series of roundups where you can give me your opinions on which one you like the best. Today’s topic – our exterior. I want to decide on the exterior color, roof color, gutters, rock work etc before I make my way to the inside. We are going to be very much in the woods and are located on the SC/NC state line if that gives you any insight into the terrain. I would love to pretty white house or brick but that just doesn’t go with our rustic setting (in my opinion). Plus can you even imagine the stress of having a white house in the middle of the woods? We would spend every waking Saturday pressure washing the joint.

We already have a stone picked out that is very similar to our patio and fireplace at our old house. You can see what it looks like on this post. We know we want a grey exterior and I am leaning towards a dark grey but I don’t want it to look blue and I definitely don’t want it to have ANY yellows or oranges in it. Essentially I want a rich grey/taupe color that isn’t too cool, isn’t too warm and will look great paired with black windows and a very dark roof. Not too much to ask, huh?

Here are my favorite exteriors so far. If you stumble across something on instagram or pinterest add it to the comments below! And I would love to hear which one is your favorite!

My absolute favorite, this refined farmhouse. We are going to do hardie board on the exterior of our house and will paint it. This looks to be a stain to me but I’m wondering if I can find a color to match it that doesn’t get too yellow-brown.

Then on the flip side I really love this cool grey and black combination from Architectural Digest France. It’s my second favorite / maybe my favorite depending on what day of the week it is.

Architectural Digest Dark Exterior

This dream home is pretty dreamy but I’m worried if the exterior is a little too light for my liking. Dark Exterior Color

This dark Nashville home by Bonadies Architect is to-die-for.

I know this isn’t painted but I really just love this color-scheme and think that I might be able to recreate it with paint.

Grey home exterior


So what do you think? Any favorites? View more of my favorite exteriors on my Pinterest account and don’t forget to follow Cooper at Home on instagram if you want to keep up with our house-building process.