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The Ultimate Travel Beauty Haul

Last month I flew to Nashville to visit my friend, Mary, and collaborate on a few styled entertaining posts. We had the best time and created some amazing tablescapes that will be headed your way soon. In the meantime I wanted to share the beauty items I took with me. Knowing what makeup and skincare to pack for traveling can be tricky. It gets even more complicated when you need to be able to have full hair and makeup and then more complicated still when you are only taking a carry-on. Here is a complete list of the makeup, skincare and hair items that travel with me and the bags I carried them in.

Ultimate Travel Beauty Haul

Skin & Hair Care

Tatcha Deep Hydration Lifting Mask // Rumor has it Kim K herself uses this mask, therefore I must believe it is the gold standard of sheet masks. Each mask is distilled from an entire coconut and boosts skin’s moisture content by up to 200%. It is so powerful, it produces visible results in just 15 minutes! They are a little pricey so I typically save them for big events or photoshoots.

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots // It is inevitable that the moment I step off any airplane, I find a monster zit on my face. Something about air travel just makes me break out. I brought these Peace Out Acne Healing Dots with me on my last trip to troubleshoot any unwelcome blemishes, and layered over a little Retin-A, they really did the trick!

BeautyBio Bright Eyes Masks // I am slightly obsessed with BeautyBio founder, Jamie O’Banion. I follow her on Insta and her skin is literally flawless. Anything she’s selling, I’m buying and these eye masks are no different. The Bright Eyes Masks are infused with collagen and will de-puff and brighten your under eyes in an instant! I put mine on just before we landed in London so my eyes wouldn’t be puffy from the plane.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask // A cult favorite for it’s rich, hydrating formula, the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask is infused with ceramides, vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to combat puffy, inflamed, over-worked skin. It’s called the “jet lag” mask for a reason, so I’m always sure to bring it when I travel!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask // Y’all know I love the Laneige lip mask. Put it on before you go to bed and wake up with supple, hydrated lips!

Obagi Skin Brightening Cream // I love the Obagi skincare brand because it is medical grade and I have never had any issues with it breaking me out. With Vitamins C & E, this skin brightening cream reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, acne marks, dark spots, and even melasma. I have been using for a while now and really believe it has made a difference in my skin.

Skinceuticals CE Ferulic // This is the Vitamin C serum I use! Vitamin C is brightens skin and has proven anti-aging benefits, so if you’re not using a Vit C serum, it’s time to hop on the train. This serum is a part of my daily beauty routine, so it always makes the cut while I’m traveling!

Elta MD SPF 46 // Harmful, skin damaging UV rays are everywhere. Seriously, no matter where you are, if you’re near a window, you’re at risk for sun damage! I include an SPF product in my daily beauty routine to protect my skin, and guard against early signs of aging (like wrinkles). This one even has hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated and balanced, and lactic acid to refine, clear, and reduce shine.

Tatcha Exfoliating Cleanser // J Beauty has a special place in my heart, that’s for sure. This gel cleanser by J Beauty brand, Tatcha, gently exfoliates with fruit enzymes, and cleanses with amino acids derives from silk. Sounds luxurious, right? It most definitely is.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir // I go through this beauty elixir like it’s my job. The bottle may say 2-3 spritzes are enough, but if it claims to make me pretty you’d better believe I’ll be using a full 6-10. Kidding, obviously, but not kidding about the fact that this is the best setting spray, makeup refresher, toner, etc ever.

Tatcha The Water Cream // Another Tatcha product that has my unwavering loyalty. Love that this moisturizer is water based, and is packed full of all kinds of Japanese botanicals that will do wonders for your skin! I wouldn’t travel without this – it delivers the most intense moisture without feeling heavy or greasy!

Kopari Deodorant // The only natural deodorant I have ever tried and liked. It’s formulated with coconut oil and activated charcoal to soothe underarms and reduce odor.

Tresemme Dry Shampoo // A no-nonsense, drugstore dry shampoo. I am ever loyal to my Ouai dry shampoo foam, but this travel size of Tresemme does the trick when I’m traveling and just need a quick volume boost!

Wet Brush Mini // I use these on the girls, but they’re great for grown ups too! These mini hairbrushes are the best for detangling your hair when you first get out of the shower. I also use mine on dry hair!

T3 Micro Curling Iron // This is the curling iron I use pretty much every day. The tourmaline and ceramic surface creates polished, shiny curls in just one pass! Wouldn’t leave home with out it.

Travel Makeup

Checkered Makeup Bag // A $23 luxury dupe makeup bag that I take with me everywhere I travel! It’s spacious enough for all of my everyday makeup and is long enough to store brushes.

The Daily Edited Makeup Bag // This is another great makeup bag I use when I travel! It fits everything from brushes, to palettes & more, and is from one of my favorite brands, The Daily Edited (also where my phone case is from!).

Beauty Blender // Always a must have. I use my Beauty Blender to seamlessly blend foundation, concealer, and even cream based contouring products! You can also spray it with a little setting spray and use it to set your foundation.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeliner // Charlotte Tilbury can do no wrong. This eyeliner pen has a felt tip which makes flawless application easy!

NYX White Eyeliner // I use this white eyeliner to line my waterline (the area of your lower lid closest to your eye). This is a little trick I learned a while back that makes your eyes POP.

Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil // My ride or die brow product. My eyebrows are microbladed so they don’t need too too much filling in, but I do like to give the shape a little help by using this pencil. It has a super fine tip that creates hair like strokes, which makes it perfect for those who want to keep a natural look. I wear shade “taupe”!

Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara // I’m a drugstore mascara girl through and through. I’ve been hooked on this one for several months now, and at only $7, I’d say it’s definitely worth a try!

Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter Wand // This has got to be my all time favorite Charlotte Tilbury product. The easy to use highlighter wand makes it totally fool proof, and when applied to the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and the inner corners of your eyes, gives you the glowiest look.

Charlotte Tilbury Contour // Similar to the highlighter wand, this contour wand is build for easy application. You can use this for contouring all over the face (hollows of your cheekbones, jawline, along either side of your forehead), but I find it especially great to use when contouring my nose!

Laneige Glowy Lip Balm // My go-to lip balm these days. I have both the grapefruit and berry shades and love them both!

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette // I have the “Pillow Talk” palette which is filled with nudes, champagnes, copper-bronze, and rose gold shades! The formula is super blendable, buildable, and doesn’t crease throughout the day.

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer // Pretty sure this drugstore bronzer has a cult following at this point. If not, we should probably make that happen. It’s only $13 and comes in 4 shades that work with a variety of skin tones!

Charlotte Tilbury Blush // Have been a fan of this blush ever since I took Charlotte Tilbury’s master class at Sephoria. The blush includes two cohesive shades, the outer of which you apply all the way up the cheekbone, and the inner of which you pop on the apples of your cheeks!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Powder // This light diffusing setting powder is great, but to be honest it’s not my favorite! While most setting powders are translucent, I do find that this one adds a bit of color to my complexion. I use this mostly when I do a full-er face for photoshoots or events!

Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette // Yes yes yes and yes to this palette. The mix of 9 matte and shimmery shades help me create some of my all time favorite eyeshadow looks, and I’ve found myself reaching for this over any of my other palettes lately!

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Setting Powder // This pressed setting powder blurs away fine lines and imperfections, while still giving skin an illuminated, hydrated look. Rose wax and almond oil hydrate the skin throughout the day and enable the powder to blend on flawlessly!

Becca Hydra Mist Powder // Okay, THIS is my current favorite loose powder. I have been using this for several months now, and it’s my go-to for every day use!

Mac Paint Pot in Painterly // I use this paint pot as a base for my eyeshadow! It really helps the shadow stay in place, and keeps everything from creasing throughout the day.

YSL All Hours Foundation // A new foundation I’ve been trying! This one has more of a matte finish and is formulated for long wear. I wear shade 30!

Nars Concealer // As featured in my latest Sephora Haul, this Nars Concealer is an award winning product that provides just the right amount of coverage. It’s not too thick or cakey, and as an added bonus, ALL shades also come in mini sizes, making htem perfect for travel!

Milani Lip Plumper // I found this lip plumper at Target a while back, and I think I’ve found a new favorite. Of course, I’ll always be loyal to my NYX gloss, but this Milani product is light, non-sticky, and is infused with hyaluronic acid to fill and smooth your lips over time.

YSL Lipstick // This lipstick is a little pricey, but with the wide selection of shades and a formula that gives lips luxurious color, intense hydration and antioxidant care, I just can’t say no.

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    I can never have this much product in possession coz I don’t use them at all, but oh, boy, do they look gorgeous together!