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Best Summer Beach Reads

Best Beach Reads, books to read this summer

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There are two types of people in this world: beach readers, and serial readers. I’m not saying one category is superior to the other, but I will say without a doubt I fall into the former. I don’t prioritize reading in my typical day but I live for a fun, frivolous book when I’m traveling or laying around on a beach. This post might be titled “summer beach reads” but that’s really code for “good stories that are enjoyable and don’t make you think too hard.”

A while back, I polled all of you on Instagram to see if you had any recommendations for books to read this summer. Well, 400+ comments later (you guys really came through!) I finally narrowed the options down to a top 10 list of summer beach reads. You will probably notice a common theme in that the large majority of these are murder mysteries/thrillers. What can I say, maybe I’m an adrenaline junkie or wannabe detective. Honestly I’m not even ashamed, because after looking at your favorites, I think it’s safe to say you guys are too.

I’ve read several of the books on this list, but will report back as I read through the rest! You can also check out last year’s list for more recommendations and reviews. Happy reading!

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  1. liz says:

    Last book review you said last mrs Parrish was awful but this post you said it was really good ?? Which is it? LOL !

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