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Snack Time Entertaining Essentials

If there’s something all moms of 5-and-unders stockpile, it’s life hacks. Oh, and snacks. Life hacks and snacks (maybe I should trademark that). Well, today I’m sharing a couple of my favorite life hacks for afternoon snack time or entertaining! These tips and tricks will have all your friends voting you hostess with the mostess. Essentially the goal here is to be the best entertainer you can be without putting in more effort than necessary (a trade I’ve spent my life mastering)!

Summer Entertaining Essentials, Afternoon Entertaining, Snacks for Kids

Pitcher | Bowl | Napkins

The tips below are great for when the kids have a playdate, when the in-laws stop by, or when a neighbor pops in to say hi. But let’s be real, we’ve all been caught in that moment where you receive the “OTW” text earlier than expected or time gets away from you in the morning, and you end up scrambling a bit. To make your life as easy as possible, you’ll want to have the essentials on hand, like everyday serveware you love, a glass pitcher filled with your favorite thing to sip on, a pretty cheese board, and even some cloth napkins if you really want to go the extra mile. Throw it all together and hey, it really looks like you tried!

Summer Entertaining Essentials, Afternoon Entertaining, Snacks for Kids

Tray | Ramekins

Tips & Tricks for Afternoon Entertaining

  1. Always keep an assortment of kid and adult-friendly snacks in the pantry! Think granola bars, packs of crackers or cookies, etc. Arrange them by type or color on a platter like this one from Target and boom! You look like you were expecting company all along.
  2. Keep washed fruit in the fridge! You better believe I snag the pre-washed, pre-cut fruit off the shelf in the grocery store and guess what? I’m better for it. Throw it all in a pretty stoneware bowl and you’ve got yourself a beautiful and delicious snack.
  3. No need to whip up fresh squeezed lemonade! Just fill a pitcher with water, squeeze in some crystal light and toss in a few sliced lemons. Will it taste like grandmas? No way. Will it also have 4 cups of pure sugar? Absolutely not. Serve in coordinating glassware like this!
  4. Keep some essentials on hand for when guests stop by. You’ll want to stock your kitchen with serverware that is at least somewhat cohesive, and adheres to your taste and the design of your home. For us, that means wood, stoneware, rattan, and other more rustic items. I linked several of my favorite items from Target at the bottom of this post for you to browse through!
  5. Flowers! Nothing says “I tried” like fresh cut flowers in a vase. I pick some up every time I stop by the grocery store (Trader Joe’s has the BEST selection) just to have on hand. I discovered a hack to transform grocery store roses that I thought you guys might enjoy, so I’m sharing a mini-tutorial below!

Summer Entertaining Essentials, Afternoon Entertaining, Snacks for Kids


How to Transform Grocery Store Roses

STEP ONE: Tear off all leaves, thorns and the green sepals under the petals.

STEP TWO: Gently peel back the outer petals with your thumb and index finger.

STEP THREE: Cut the stem at a large angle.

STEP FOUR: Place diagonally in water.


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