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The Best Neutral Curtains

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of neutral curtains to elevate any room in your home, you’re on the right post. I have now purchased the exact same fabric drapery and hardware from Loom Decor for multiple rooms in two different homes. They are, in my opinion, the best window treatments out there. And trust me, I have had a lot of misses when it comes to trying to source, buy or hang curtains.

Growing up my dad would take me shopping once or twice a year to find “good jeans”. In the event that we found that perfect fitting pair, he would insist we buy multiples of them. According to Dad, there was no need to have a couple different varieties of something you kind of like when you can have multiple of an item you really like. It is a personality trait that has followed me into adulthood, especially when it comes to home decor. If I find that perfect shade of white paint, I’m painting every room in the house. If I find a faucet I love, it’s going on every kitchen sink. Sure we can mix up metals and accents but as the saying goes, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

When we were building our last home I knew I wanted to prioritize drapery. It is honestly amazing how a good set of curtains can change an entire room. We moved in to our home in 2019 and at that point I had probably spent the better half of six months looking for curtain panels. I wanted to find curtains that were the perfect shade of taupe, adorned with a beautiful pinch pleat, made of luxurious fabric and expertly sewn. I explored buying my own fabric and having a seamstress make them and bought no less than 5 versions from retailers all over the web. Nothing was exactly what I wanted. Enter Loom Decor.

Loom Decor helps you create designer-quality, custom home furnishings. They offer everything from custom window treatments to pillows and bedding, in hundreds of fabrics to find your perfect match. Everything is less than what you would order through a designer or a designer showroom and you can order with the ease of online shopping. They can guide you through ordering with their stellar customer service team and everything is handcrafted right here in the USA. Not only are the products great but the turnaround is fast and will be shipped to you in just 1-4 weeks. 

What I Ordered from Loom Decor

Since I purchased that first panel from Loom Decor over 3 years ago, I have used the exact same fabric and similar style curtains in countless rooms in two homes. You might remember seeing these in our last home in our guest room and my office which later became the nursery. Here is what I have ordered to date.

Custom Cut Drapery Hardware in Black With Luna Finial // These are the absolute best curtain rods on the market. They are a sharp matte black and the perfect mixture of clean, contemporary and classic all at once. Make sure you select the Bypass rings!! They glide seamlessly over the rods.

Euro Pleat Drapery in Classic Linen – Oat // In our current home I purchased these curtains for the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and our master bath. I like that they have the traditional look of a pinch pleat with a modern edge. The top-gathered pleats on this style create a waterfall effect for an updated take on the classic pleat.

Pinch Pleat Drapery in Classic Linen – Oat // My office was a bit fancier than our current farmhouse style so I opted for the pinch pleat drapery there. It is a traditional triple pinch-please style that offers elegant fullness and a slightly more formal feel.

Flat Roman Shade in Classic Linen – Oat // I ordered this to cover a small window in my office and was very impressed with how good it looked!

Curtain Ordering Guide

Loom Decor asks you several things to customize your curtains. Here are the options and exactly what I ordered for each.

Panel Type // I always buy the “pair, split draw” panel type. This ensures you get two panels for either side of your window.

Width // For the width, you measure the full width of the space you want to cover. I always add 10″ to either side of the window. So for a window that measures 75″ from molding on the left to molding on the right, I would order a width of 95″.

Length // I like for my curtains to go to the ceiling. I have found that the best measurement for this is 5″ less than the ceiling height. If you have a ceiling height of 108″ then I would order 103″. That ensures you have room for the bar + finial and a little bit of room for the fabric to naturally fall. You can place the stays at different places on the top of the panels to help adjust the length as well.

Length Fraction // Since I like to order my curtains and then hang them, I chose none. You would use this option if you need to adjust the length as you measure from the bottom of the rod to floor and you want the length to be; for example 103.25″.

Lining // I use “privacy” lining since these are mostly for decor and don’t get closed much. I think the privacy lining adds a nice weight to them that makes the Oat color stay true. Keep in mind, if you chose unlined they will look different than mine as some of the natural light from the window will shine through.

I hope this post helps you if you too are looking to add beautiful curtain panels to your home!

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