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Summer Camp Packing Guide

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When we signed the girls up for a sleepaway camp this summer, I didn’t fully comprehend the way packing for them would consume my life. I got started early knowing that we would be packing them up right about the time that school was ending. It’s a good thing I did because it essentially took me a couple of months of research, sourcing, and never-ending text threads with my friends to finally find, order, and label everything they needed. Then came the little matter of the packing restrictions – two bags only plus what they can carry in themselves. After some next-level jenga and a full-body sweat, I successfully crammed everything into one trunk and one duffel. This post is essentially one part a guide to help you out and one part me just bragging on myself for actually accomplishing this incredible feat.

Here is everything I have learned about camp packing, how we managed to get two girls ready for their first overnight camp experience without forgetting anything, and all the best resources I uncovered along the way.

The Essentials

Our camp sent us a rather extensive list of what to pack and I have a master packing list of what we took for you below. If I was going to list out the essentials that the girls loved having it would definitely be a crazy creek chair, the Kavu rope sling bag, these sandals, these t-shirts, and these lined shorts. The shower caddy, toiletry bag, and their husband pillows for rest time were crucial.

The Extras

Luckily our camp was “package-free” meaning we could only send letters and not care packages. At first, I was sad about this because I love a present and I wanted to send them something to make them feel loved and cared for each day. After hour 174 of packing, I could have cried tears of happiness that I didn’t have to also tackle care packages. Plus, after everything they were packing for their bunk, quiet times, and theme nights it would have looked like a Hobby Lobby explosion in that cabin if each girl was also getting care packages.

I did send rest hour activities which would make for fun package gifts if you were doing them! The girls loved the wikki stix, color-by-number mosaics, jewelry bead kit, cross stitch kit, and coloring maze book. They also packed hair chalk, face paint sticks, heart-shaped sunglasses, and headbands for dress-up nights.

If you’re looking for care packages and stationery resources, I have a huge list at the bottom!

Master Camp Packing List

Everyday Clothing

  • T-shirts // The girls wanted to buy their camp shirts (rip store credit) and we bought these to make packing simple. I liked not really having to care if they left one at camp.
  • Shorts and skorts // The girls love these lined shorts and these workout shorts.
  • Socks, Underwear, Sports Bras // We aren’t in the sport bra stage yet but I just buy the amazon essentials for all things socks & underwear.
  • Pajamas // I recommend long PJs for chilly camp nights. We packed these.

Bath and Toiletries


  • Pillow and pillowcase // We sent these pillows from Amazon in case they got lost, soggy or infected with some strange camp crud.
  • Twin sheets // I let the girls pick out their bedding but made sure to send a sheet set, a comforter and a cozy blanket for some weight.
  • Stuffed animal // I plead the fifth on how many squishmallows I let them shove into their bags.


Outerwear and Warm Clothing

  • Raincoat // Scottie has this one and Hayden has this one.
  • Light jacket or sweatshirt // We bought sweatshirts and long-sleeved shirts from the camp store.
  • Pants or leggings // I sent them with a pair of old jeans for riding and then leggings from their stash.

Cabin and Bunk

Make sure to check with your camp about what is allowed. We looked at instagram videos the camp had posted to get an idea of what to take. Here is our list.

Everyday Necessities

Water Activities

  • One-piece swimsuits // These suits come in so many different designs.
  • Beach Towels // We bought these quick drying towels.
  • Goggles

Optional Items

Packing For Camp

I measured the girls drawers on our camp visit and bought storage bins to fit in them. It made packing so easy because we just packed everything in them, put them in their trunk and then they set them out when they got to camp.

Some people suggest packing in gallon bags to plan out the outfits for each day. I asked the girls if they wanted to pick out outfits beforehand or if they wanted to just pick them out each day. They opted for each day so we didn’t use these but it would be a great idea for younger children!

Another idea is to include an over-the-door shoe hanger for organizing their items on their bunk. This is the best thing for organizing sunscreen, etc for little kids and you can even pack in them! Here is a look at how we packed everything!

Shop Our Camp Favorites

Camp Resources

I polled my Instagram peeps for the best camp resources out there. Here is what everyone suggested!!

Shop Molly Ellen
The Monogram Shop
Label Daddy
Sadie’s Stitchery
Everything Summer Camp
Mabel’s Labels
Bloc Bags
Love Lucy Design
Sweet Honey Clothing
Lady Luck Designs
Monogram Lady
Chappy Wrap
Joy Creative Shop
Love & Lion
Beyond Bookmarks
Camp Swag
Camp Trunk Details
Simply Celebrate

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