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Spring Dresses Under $100

Spring is here and that means leg-approved weather, date nights, weddings, baby showers, parties and more. In today’s world of instagram overload it helps to have a few good dresses on hand to keep up healthy rotation on your feed. But in all seriousness my husband judges what he wears oftentimes by asking me “do I have pictures in this lately?”. I don’t love to wear the same dress over and over when I’m running into the same people (don’t you even judge me I know you don’t like to either) so it helps to have some cute dresses at some good price points that I can rotate through. Plus, not ever event you go to is going to be one-shoulder worthy.

Since I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping looking for vacation and party-approved styles I thought you all might like to see all of the ones I found that were affordable. As in less than $100 at full retail price and many of them on sale below that. I think you’ll like what I came up with. And if someone doesn’t buy this gingham number or this polka-dot beauty I’m just going to be really disappointed. Happy shopping friends!

Spring Dresses Under $100

from top to bottom, left to right:

Blue Off Shoulder | Pink Gingham | Blue Polka Dot | Red Sleeveless

Blush Midi | Black Floral | Peach Floral | Black Striped 

Black | Floral | Orange Embroidery | Blue

More great dresses under $100:

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