Pale Is The New Tan

A friend of mine once explained to me that “pale was the new tan” after I was remarking how ghostly we looked in a mid-Feburary photo. We got a good laugh over it and it’s been in my arsenal of comments every since. It’s a witty statement but there is a ton of truth in it.Pale IS the new tan. We (ok maybe not you but definitely me) used to lay out with baby oil, hardly ever apply sunscreen, and (yes I’m ashamed to say it) regularly visit the tanning bed.

I would love to say the reasonI started finally taking care of my skin was because I readstaggering research about the dangers of tanning but honestly it was because I wastired of spending money to take care of dark spots and skin spots and big pores and all the horrible things sun damage does to your skin. Once you blow a couple hundred dollars on dermatologist appointments and retin-a and hydroquinone and microderm then you will think twice about putting on some killer sunscreen daily and wearing a hat all the live-long-day while at the pool or beach.

Currently I’m on a forever mission to reverse the sun damage done to my skin and gain a glowing newborn-baby-meets-edward-cullen complexion. I use this NEOVA DNA Damage Control on my skin every morning under my makeup and never get in the sun without a hat if I can help it. To also use retin-a every other night to help with skin texture and pore sizein addition to a moisturizer and an eye cream. While all of these serums and lotions are great for protecting your skin they are kind of a buzz kill for your summer glow. So here are the products I use to fake a greatsummer tan.


Makeup Forever HD Foundation| Contour Palette | Watts Up Highlighter | St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse| St. Tropez Anti-Aging Moisturizer|Neova Sunscreen |L’Oreal Illumniator |Jergens Natural Glow |NYX Illuminator| Maybelline Concealer| St. Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan |NARS Blush

How I use these products:

First I put on this suncreen followed by aprimer. Then I apply myfoundation with a beauty blender. To conceal any spots or imperfections I love this super cheap drug-store concealer.

After foundation I use this highlighting and contouring set, this product for creating a nice glow on my face and this brush palette. I’ve also found that this is a great illuminator if you want a drug-store version and this product is great for getting a rosy glow on your cheeks as well.

To fake my tan I love this tanning mousse, this in-shower gradual tan, this moisturizer and this body lotion.

As always you can find all of these items and more on my Beauty Buys page!