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Pale Is The New Tan

A friend of mine once explained to me that “pale was the new tan” after I was remarking how ghostly we looked in a mid-February photo. It’s a witty statement but there is a ton of truth in it. Pale IS the new tan. I used to lay out with baby oil, hardly ever apply sunscreen, and (yes I’m ashamed to say it) regularly visit the tanning bed. Now it’s best to self tan. 

After spending boat loads of money trying to correct sun damage with retin-a, hydroquinone, and lasers and microneedling with Jordan Harper, I learned it’s best to self tan, and I’m adamant about putting on a daily sunscreen and wearing a hat when I’m outside in the sun. You can see my favorite sunscreens from 2019 here. Currently, I use Revision Intellishade Matte or Elta MD. Here is how I self tan and apply my makeup to give myself a healthy glow, without all the sun damage.

How to self tan from beauty blogger Cristin Cooper.

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How I Self-Tan

As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, I’ve tried a ton of self tanners and makeup products to get that perfect sun kissed glow. In my opinion, here are the easiest self tanners to use with my tips for how to use each product depending on when and how tan you want to be.

  1. Since I always use sunscreen, my face is usually much whiter than my body. To tan my face, I combine the Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops in medium with my daily moisturizer. These drops are honestly the best way to self tan your face. Using just a little every day helps me keep a healthy glow.
  2. I’ve used the St Tropez Self Tanning Classic Bronzing Mousse for YEARS. St Tropez is the best body self tanner and I make sure to apply it with a mitt, which really helps self tan those hard to reach areas of your back. 
  3. If I don’t need a tan instantly, I use this in-shower gradual tan from St. Tropez. Just apply in the shower, wait a few minutes and rinse. 
  4. To help my self tan last longer I use the Jergens Daily Glow moisturizer.
Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops to tan your face.

How I Fake a Glow with Makeup

  1. Sunscreen first, always. 
  2. I love using the Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow tinted moisturizer. It’s the best for faking a daily glow. If I need more coverage I use my daily foundation. 
  3. After foundation, I use bronzer to add dimension to my face and a natural looking glow. Lately I’ve been loving this one by Nars, this one by Charlotte Tilbury in medium, and this drugstore bronzer.
Charlotte Tilbury bronzer for faking a tan on your face.

As always you can find all of these items and more on my Beauty Buys page!

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