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Off The Shoulder Top

Goodnight Macaroon Off Shoulder Top

Goodnight Macaroon Off Shoulder Top

Goodnight Macaroon Off Shoulder Top

Goodnight Macaroon Off Shoulder Top

Goodnight Macaroon Off Shoulder Top

Top | Jeans | Clutch | Shoes | Sunglasses | Bangles | Necklace

Yesterday our local apple orchard officially opened for picking which means that my favorite season of all is just around the corner. I’ll be popping up to NYC in a couple of weeks and I’m dreaming of a cold front that will let me layer until I can’t layer any longer. But pre-fall in the Big Apple is a little different than pre-fall in apple country USA. We are still battling through 90 degree heat down here in the Carolinas and I’m trying to stay as cool as possible.

Enter this lightweight and breezy off the shoulder top with my trusty white jeans. Pair with nude heels and a clutch and you have yourself an instant summer outfit that will keep you cool and cute. The top itself is from Goodnight Macaroon but is currently sold out so I linked similar styles below. I really can’t say enough good things about it. Great fit. Great quality. Great price point. So what’s the catch you ask? Well?I really am dreading this because I don’t want to seem like I’m being negative but honesty really is the best policy, right? I would feel all kinds of terrible encouraging you?to?buy clothes and not being totally up front with you about my experiences so here goes nothing.

So let me shoot you straight about Goodnight Macaroon. First of all, I love their clothes. Like literally love everything they put out there. They have such a great selection at great price points and I wish I could order it all. However the problem I find with some of their items is the sizing tends to be all over the place because it isn’t all made by the same brand. But the bigger problem is that if you don’t like something you have to incur the cost for shipping it back…. to Hong Kong. Nope, that isn’t a miss-print. I emailed them to confirm and ask about shipping and they sent me a shipping location for Hong Kong and told me I was responsible for paying my own return shipping. Which ended up being a whopping $25 in international shipping to return 3 tops that probably cost me a total of $70 to begin with. Bummer.?In today’s world of the free shipping and return policies or having?great local boutiques I just can’t justify paying for shipping costs.

So what’s a girl to do? I really hate the shipping woes because?as previously mentioned I love?Goodnight Macaroon’s?clothes. Personally I’m holing out hope that they start giving you?shipping labels because I just have to try everything on before I buy. If you don’t want to wait around then look them up on instagram and find photos they are tagged in. You can locate a girl with a similar body style and ask them how an item fits or what size they typically wear. Hopefully you will have better luck with sizing than I did!

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