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Back To School Style For Little Girls

back to school style for toddlers and little girls

So what do you do on the first day of school when you want your little girl to look cute but also you may or may not have nightmares about her tumbling around on the playground tripping on her dress or getting a brand new smocked number completely ruined with some finger paint and/or pizza sauce? I want my little girls to look cute but still have the freedom to run wild with their besties while crawling, climbing and living their sweet little toddler lives. It’s the perfect style for little girls for back to school.

Enter the Romper. Maybe it’s because I personally can’t wear a romper or maybe it’s because there is just something about a tiny tush being cupped by a onesie but I literally can’t get enough of the things. So naturally, whenever I want to dress up my girls in something a little cuter than their play separates I dress my 2.5-year-old in a romper and my baby in a bubble (aka a cuter name for the already oh-so-cute romper made especially for babies.) If your baby girl is a 3T then you are in luck because this might be the cutest romper ever and it’s only available in a size 3T. I’m pretty impressed with this Kardashian Kids one too (no surprise here I loveeee Kourtney) and Old Navy never disappoints.

Toddler Styles for Back to School

Favorite Romper Styles for Little Girls

Backpacks for Toddlers

Now let’s talk bookbags. Wait, is that showing my age? Apparently these days they are called “backpacks”. I guess that’s what happens when your books are replaced with ipads and lockers are replaced with the cloud. This polka dot number from Gap is so cute and I love this State one and this whimsical one from Nordstrom. (They have a really great supply of backpacks). Here are a couple more options:

School Appropriate Shoes

For shoes I love sneakers, Vans, Toms and Converse. Oh and these gold high tops are really cool! Here are some of my favorite footwear options or littles.

Outfit Combinations

Another reason I love a romper is that it’s already a complete outfit and all you have to do is add accessories. If you too have little girls and are looking for a great back-to-school style, then here are 5 outfit combinations I put together from the items above for you.

(click the images to shop)

For all of those with older kids or boys, here are some of my go-to sites for kid’s apparel. Go ahead and bookmark this page and refer back to it as all of the back-to-school specials start rolling in.



Forever 21



J.Crew Factory


Nordstrom Rack

Old Navy



While the girls aren’t technically school-aged, they do go to a great Christian school every day while I work at our family business and run this little blog of mine. Like most of you, I love documenting every activity of their lives and especially milestones like the first day of school! Happy shopping and crying your young-mom eyes out at another day of school passed, friends!

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  1. these backpacks are the cutest!

  2. Amber says: I am obsessed with rompers and your little girl is just ADORABLE!!! 🙂 Thanks for emptying my bank account with all of these choices! 😉

    Thanks so much for joining us!

  3. Krista says:

    Such adorable combinations!! The rompers are the cutest!