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November 2022 Amazon Finds

Happy December! It’s always a highlight to check analytics each month and see which Amazon finds were hits across the board. This month there was a definite theme of health and home. I’ve loved adding this electrolyte mix to my water tumbler for a midday energy boost, and then relaxing with an Epsom salt soak at night. These and most of the other items below are super affordable – between $15 and $30. As we head into the holidays, remember it’s the little acts of care for yourself and your people that make the biggest difference.

Head over to my Amazon storefront to shop my latest finds and longtime favorites all conveniently sorted by category.

01. The Snowman’s Song Book // 02. Christmas Promise Book // 03. Stain Spray // 04. Highchair // 05. Kids Bible // 06. Essentialism Book // 07. Earrings // 08. Pinch Pleat Curtains // 09. Puff Sleeve Tee // 10. Re-Lyte Drink Enhancer // 11. Clean Skin Club Towels // 12. Vitamin C Pops // 13. Epsom Salt // 14. Christmas Light Repair Tool // 15. Establishing Home Book // 16. Clear Crossbody Purse


03. Stain Spray // A clear, odorless spray that protects your indoor and outdoor fabrics, allowing you to easily wipe off spills before they stain.

06. Essentialism Book // Everyone needs to read this book! It’s a great read on prioritizing your life in order to simplify decision making and reduce stress and anxiety.

08. Pinch Pleat Curtains // These curtains are similar to the ones I originally ordered for Isla’s nursery (from Loom & Décor) but at a fraction of the price and in lots of color options.

10. Re-Lyte Drink Enhancer // I’ve been keeping individual packets of electrolyte drink mix on hand to stay hydrated and beat the afternoon slump. Get that magnesium in!

12. Vitamin C Pops // Mom tip: Keep a stash of guilt-free, emergency mood boosters. These yummy fruit suckers made of simple organic ingredients are free from the top eight allergens.

13. Epsom Salt // It’s bath season, and Epsom salts take relaxation to the next level. I love the addition of magnesium, a vital mineral that supports muscle and nerve function and energy production.

14. Christmas Light Repair Tool // A must-have tool that will save you time and money in the long run as you replace faulty light bulbs with the squeeze of a trigger.

15. Establishing Home Book // So excited to read this lovely new release by award-winning designer Jean Stoffer!


11. Clean Skin Club Towels // Just reordered the best biodegradable face towels that are gentle on acne-prone skin and much more hygienic than traditional towels. I keep these stocked in acrylic drawers on our bathroom vanity.


07. Earrings // Elegant green onyx earrings to dress up an everyday look or showcase at a holiday event. Fun stocking stuffer idea!  

09. Puff Sleeve Tee // This classic, comfy top has a striking silhouette and is available in several color options for under $25.

16. Clear Crossbody Purse // A stylish accessory with plenty of room to hold your essentials at concerts or sporting events that require clear bags. Currently on sale.


01. The Snowman’s Song Book // This whimsical book is a keeper for our Christmas collection. Written as a poem with the sweetest artwork.

02. Christmas Promise Book // For our family, the holiday season is centered on celebrating the birth of our Savior. This precious board book uses simple truths and illustrations to teach preschool children the Nativity story.

04. Highchair // We love this functional, sturdy highchair for Isla that can adjust as she grows. The design is incredible and it’s a breeze to clean.

05. Kids Bible // A leather-bound Bible targeted toward upper-elementary school students that would make a beautiful, meaningful gift.

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