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Mom Style Monday | Spring Trends

Welcome to the fourth installment of Mom Style Monday! Today we’re going to be discussing one of my favorite spring trends – gingham! If you live in the South then gingham is right up there with lace and plaid as something you need to have in your closet at all times and on constant rotation. For those of you just tuning in, Mom Style Monday is a blog series I created with my friends Kate & Mallory where we join up the first Monday of every month and each give our own spin on a current style topic. We invite other bloggers to link up with us so hopefully you will be able to get a lot of inspiration for what is “in style” this spring. If you want to take a peek through our other topics you can do that here.

Outfit details: Top  from Augusta Twenty   |JeansBag | NecklaceSunglasses |  Shoes (Similar here)

Mom Style Monday, Cristin Cooper, The Southern Style Guide, Gingham, Spring Trends

I love this off the shoulder gingham top from Augusta Twenty  and it cant technically be worn over the shoulders too if you so wish. If you feel like gingham is a little too “sweet” or “girly” for your liking then go for a black and white version. I personally think it looks equally as classic as it does feminine. If you aren’t into off the shoulder styles you can always opt for this button up or this top. I love them both!

[one-half-first]Mom Style Monday, Cristin Cooper, The Southern Style Guide, Gingham, Spring Trends[/one-half-first]
[one-half]Mom Style Monday, Cristin Cooper, The Southern Style Guide, Gingham, Spring Trends[/one-half]

   Mom Style Monday, Cristin Cooper, The Southern Style Guide, Gingham, Spring Trends


I also love all of the gingham dresses that are in stores now! If you are looking for a cute dress to wear to a wedding or a date night I really love this one I’m pictured in below. If the off the shoulder / ruffle sleeves are a little much or give you nightmares of Jim Carey in The Mask then this one is a much safer bet.

Outfit Details: Dress | Bag | Heels (I love these!!) | NecklaceSunglasses 

gingham off the shoulder dress

Gingham dress, Cristin Cooper of The Southern Style Guide, Favorite Spring Trends

black gingham dress, off the shoulder, ruffle sleeves


Another gingham trend that I am loving are all of the cute swimsuits. Now you know I’m not about to be on the internet modeling a swimsuit so a good ole fashioned link up will have to do. If you’re looking for accessories this gingham clutch or a pair of gingham flats would look so great with a classic white top (that one is seriously so cute) and a great pair of skinny jeans!


Are you overwhelmed with gingham yet? Good, because there is more. I’m sorry I just can’t stop myself. Here are my absolute favorite styles in no random order. (Links are below the collage).


Top row: Black Jacket | Red Dress | Blue Top | Black Dress

2nd row: Blue Top | Black Top | Pink Swim | Blue Dress

3rd row: Blue Top | Clutch | Black Top | Black Swim

4th row: Black Top | Red Top | Blue Top | Shoes

Bottom row: Blue Swim | Blue Romper | Black Shorts | Blue Dress

Ok I think I’m done for now. But don’t forget to visit my friend’s Style Your Senses and The Chic Series for more spring inspiration or click through the blogs tagged below!

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  1. Geralyn says:

    Fialnly! This is just what I was looking for.

  2. heather luna says:

    Can you link to the actual gingham shirt in your photo? It just brings me to a website but not the actual item. Thanks