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Maternity Favorites

In the final weeks of pregnancy, I settle into a comfortable routine of wearing and using (and eating) the same products on repeat. I created a maternity list on my Amazon storefront but wanted to review my favorites here since I honestly wouldn’t have made it through in one piece without these lifesavers.

01. Black Ribbed Turtleneck Maternity Sweater Dress // 02. Long Sleeve Pregnancy Tops // 03. Collagen Peptides // 04. Slouchy Oversized Ribbed Knit Tunic Sweater // 05. Maternity Full Panel Jeans // 06. Maternity Support Belt // 07. Always High Legging // 08. Seamless Thong Comfy Underwear // 09. Equilibria Relief Balm // 10. LED Light Therapy Face Mask // 11. Weleda Stretch Mark Pregnancy Massage Oil // 12. Raspberry Leaf Tea // 13. Facial Gua Sha Tool // 14. Belly Support Seamless Footless Tights // 15. Maternity Hotpants // 16. Exercise Ball Chair // 17. Over-the-Belly Skinny Jeans // 18. Revision Skincare BodiFirm // 19. Long Sleeve Basic Top Ruch Sides // 20. Racerback Maternity Tank // 21. Perfect V Tee // 22. Ritual Essential for Women Prenatal Multivitamin // 23. Side Sleep Pregnancy Pillow // 24. Maternity Hoodie

01. Black Ribbed Turtleneck Maternity Sweater Dress // I tried to wear mostly non-maternity clothing, but I really loved all of the items I ordered from Pink Blush.

02. Long Sleeve Pregnancy Tops // My favorite long sleeve tops.

03. Collagen Peptides // I switched to this collagen because I was looking for something as natural as possible during pregnancy but with virtually no taste. I loved it and will continue to take!

04. Slouchy Oversized Ribbed Knit Tunic Sweater // This is non-maternity and one of my favorite tops.

05. Maternity Full Panel Jeans // I loved these jeans but admit they aren’t great as your belly gets super big. Toward the end I switched to leggings.

06. Maternity Support Belt // This maternity belt is perfect for daily use! It’s softer than the others I’ve tried. This is another great maternity belt that lets you wear an ice or heat pack.

07. Always High Legging // These are non-maternity but still my go-to leggings. Soft, stretchy and so comfy!

08. Seamless Thong Comfy Underwear // The best thongs from Amazon.

09. Equilibria Relief Balm // I’ve used this and Arnica gel for all of my aches and pains. The Equilibria is amazing and honestly brings me overnight relief when I’m sore. You can save 15% off with code CRISTINCOOPER.

10. LED Light Therapy Face Mask // I bought myself this mask for Christmas with no regrets. I think Red Light therapy is an awesome placeholder to improve your skin when you can’t use ingredients like Retinol.

11. Weleda Stretch Mark Pregnancy Massage Oil // This is the oil that I slathered on all day, every day. I also used Bodifirm 3-4 times a week.

12. Raspberry Leaf Tea // I didn’t know about Raspberry Tea with my last two pregnancies, but apparently it strengthens your uterine wall and can help make labor easier. I started drinking it in my third trimester and alternated between these tea bags and this loose leaf tea.

13. Facial Gua Sha Tool // I swell a ton during pregnancy and this is a gamechanger for keeping swelling out of my face. It also helps with lymphatic drainage, toning facial muscles and keeping acne at bay. You can save 10% off with code CRISTIN.

14. Belly Support Seamless Footless Tights // My favorite maternity leggings.

15. Maternity Hotpants // Get yourself a pack and thank me later.

16. Exercise Ball Chair // I love this exercise ball chair — I get the benefit of sitting on an exercise ball, but it also supports my lower back.

17. Over-the-Belly Skinny Jeans // Another pair of maternity jeans I loved.

18. Revision Skincare BodiFirm // This is expensive, but in my opinion it’s the best skin-smoothing product on the market. It contains a blend of peptides, antioxidants, botanical extracts and a prebiotic to boost proteins, collagen and elastin. It also includes caffeine and glucosamine to promote cell turnover.

19. Long Sleeve Basic Top Ruch Sides // Another long sleeve shirt I loved.

20. Racerback Maternity Tank // These maternity tanks are amazing.

21. Perfect V Tee // Another tee that I loved. It’s more expensive but I wore it non-stop.

22. Ritual Essential for Women Prenatal Multivitamin // These are hands-down the best vitamins I’ve ever had! They have a sweet citrus taste, are easy to swallow, digest in your small intestines (so you can take on an empty stomach) and contain DHA.

23. Side Sleep Pregnancy Pillow // This pregnancy pillow is amazing because it’s small and supports both my lower back and belly. I highly recommend.

24. Maternity Hoodie // I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve worn this hoodie.

Carpal Tunnel & Pregnancy Swelling

I had pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel and the only thing that helped was drinking loads of water and dandelion tea with lemon, taking B6, Epsom salt baths with juniper berry essential oil, trying to stay active with 30-minute walks and a ton of arm windmills and stretches, and these hand massagers. I tried wearing wrist braces but most of my nerve issues came from swelling in my shoulders so they didn’t really do much. If you too are struggling with swelling during pregnancy, this is an article that I found very helpful.

Pregnancy Brands

Pink Stork is a pregnancy brand I recently discovered. It was started by a veteran’s wife who has an amazing story. I used their Magnesium flakes in my bath.

Black Maternity Sweater Dress

Scoop Neck Dress

Mock Neck Sweater // Madewell Maternity Jeans

Pink Tunic Sweater // Black Madewell Maternity Jeans // Chain Link Bracelet

Cozy Oversized Cardigan // Maternity Black T-Shirt

Madewell Dress

Madewell Maxi Dress // Tan Booties // Chain Link Bracelet // Cross Necklace

Oversized Button Down

Oversized Button Down // V-necked Flowy Tee

Camel Sweater


Casual travel outfit

Black Leggings // Black Graphic Tee // Maternity Leggings // Shacket // Cross Necklace

Green Dress // Wide Calf Boots

target tan slouchy turtleneck

Grey Turtleneck

Athleta Deep Green Top // Stash Pocket Capris // Crop Yoga Tank // Flowy Tank // Rain Coat // Layering Fitted Jacket // 7/8 Cropped Leggings // Sleep Mask // Wrist Weights // Slipper Socks // Black Hooded Faux Fur Trimmed Parka

Flannel Blazer

Flannel Blazer // Black Band Tee

Vintage Band T Shirt

Camel Cardigan // Band T-Shirt // Vintage Band T // Leather Booties // Camel Booties // Suede Booties // Leggings // Purse // Necklace // Sunglasses

Monochromatic Floral Dress

Cream Dress // Suede Booties // Tan Booties // Hat // Brown Wedges

Large Print Shaket

Peplum Top // Large Print Shacket // Leggings // Hat // Wedges // Purse

Emerson Frye Fall

Gingham Dress // Brown Leather Satchel Purse

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