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Makeup Spotlight: TOM FORD BEAUTY

This post is brought to you by Bloomingdales and ShopStyle. All opinions are my own!

Today’s Makeup Spotlight is focused on none other than the elegant cosmetic line, TOM FORD BEAUTY, available at Bloomingdales. TOM FORD BEAUTY oozes feminine glamour and nothing says glamour quite like exquisite eye makeup. You’ve no doubt heard the saying “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”. While I would agree with that, I could also make the case that “You’re never fully dressed without great brows.” Today I’m going to share a few TOM FORD BEAUTY items I’m loving and secret to statement eyes which, you guessed it, is all about the brows!

Brow Pencil // Eye Quad

Brow Pencil // Brow Sculptor // Brow Gel // Eyeliner // Bronzer // Lipstick // Eye Quad // Concealer // Blush

I remember being a little girl and watching my grandmother fill in her brows. I would sit up on the counter with my feet dangling over the side and play with her makeup as she perfected each and every stroke. If I was lucky, I would get to sharpen her pencils or put on some of her colorful shadows. My grandmother didn’t always wear a full face of makeup, but you can bet your bottom dollar that she had on a hydrating moisturizer, a statement lip and a striking brow. Fast forward several decades and my brows are the one thing that I don’t leave the house without focusing on. My hair can be in a messy bun and I can be fresh-faced but I will always have my brows filled in and groomed.

Eye Quad // Blush

I think the key to good eye makeup is using eyeshadow shades that naturally complement your eyes, finding a mascara that elongates and thickens your lashes and a nice, strong brow. It’s true that my brows are microbladed. I’m that dedicated to the cause. I naturally have very thin and light brows and got them microbladed so that I’m never caught with next-to-naked eyebrows. In addition to the microblading, I also fill my brows in depending on how dramatic I want my eye makeup to be. I recently tested out the TOM FORD BEAUTY Brow Pencil and was very impressed with the application, color and wear. I LOVE the 1.5mm precision pencil that lets you detail your brows with exactness. A skinny brow pencil is crucial if you are going between your brow hairs or filling in between strokes. The great thing about a pencil like this one is that the thin point mimics the effect of microblading. I think this is a must if you are wanting to achieve the look of microblading, if you are adding onto your existing microblading or if you are filling in your brows between microblading treatments.

Brow Pencil // Brow Sculptor

Brow Pencil // Brow Sculptor // Brow Gel // Eyeliner // Bronzer // Lipstick // Eye Quad // Concealer // Blush

My Steps for Flawless Eye Makeup

I always start my eye makeup with eyeshadow, add eyeliner and mascara and then finish out the look with a brow pencil. With eyeshadows I love to put a neutral base color all over, a darker shade on the outside corner of my eye where a shadow would naturally occur and a light color in the inside color of the eye and to illuminate the brow bone. For mascara I always start on the inside corner of my eye moving towards the outside corner. I make sure there isn’t any excess on the mascara wand and start from the bottom of my lashes to the top wiggling the wand back and forth as I go for maximum coverage.

When it comes to brows, there is a science. The easiest way to see where your brows should start is by placing a brow pencil vertically on the outside of your nose. The bottom of the pencil should be by your lip, the middle of the pencil should be beside your nostril and the top of the pencil should align with where your brows should start. You can then take the brow pencil and use it to form an imaginary line from your nostril on the bottom end to the outside corner of your eye in the middle. Where the top of the brow pencil intersects with your eyebrow is where your brows should end. Now that you have your brow shape you need to fill it in properly. Starting on the inside, draw strokes upwards, like you’re drawing individual hairs. Gradually shape those small “hair strokes” over and fill out your brows working towards the outer corner of your eye. You can then use a thicker Brow Sculptor to groom your brows or, if you’re blessed with naturally thick brows, a Brow Gel to keep them in place!

Brow Pencil // Brow Sculptor // Brow Gel // Eyeliner // Bronzer // Lipstick // Eye Quad // Concealer // Blush


Brow Pencil // Brow Sculptor // Brow Gel // Eyeliner // Bronzer // Lipstick // Eye Quad // Concealer // Blush


Brow Pencil // This precision brow pencil has an ultra-fine tip that creates natural looking strokes, mimicking the effect of microblading. With over five different colors available that caters to each and everyone’s style and skin tone, it’s easy to create the perfect brow with the Brow Perfecting Pencil. I purchased shade “taupe” and love the effect it has on my brows.

Brow Sculptor // Another great brow product from Tom Ford! This product defines, grooms, and shapes your brows, and is even refillable so you can keep your brows in tip top shape for the long haul!

Brow Gel // Okay, why haven’t I always been using a brow gel!? I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. I love the natural effect this has on my brows, and how it helps them hold shape!

Eyeliner // If you’re looking for an eyeliner that will literally stay put through a natural disaster, this product is for you. It’s long wearing, weatherproof, transfer resistant, and will even resist humidity! Keeping this in my arsenal for hot summer days and noon football games. I have color “Chocolat”.

Bronzer // A luminous, buildable bronzer in juuuust the right shade!

Lipstick // Okay, first of all, the packaging of this lipstick is stunning. I would buy it just to admire it sitting pretty on my bathroom counter! But there’s more to this product than just a pretty face – it comes in both sheer and ultra-rich finishes and boasts an incredible selection of neutral shades (because y’all know I love a nude lip!).

Eye Quad // Each of these palettes come with 4 rich, complementing shades in 4 different finishes – sheer sparkle, satin, shimmer, and matte. I love the “Orchid Haze” palette for a nighttime look, and the “Nude Dip” for every day. Nude Dip is the one I own!

Concealer // This 2-in-1 concealer & foundation delivers a natural, radiant finish while concealing imperfections and providing complete coverage! It’s also waterproof which is great for summer heat & humidity.

Blush // I totally believe in the power of a good blush, and I LOVE the selection of shades this one comes in. I have shade “Ravish”.

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