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January 2022 Amazon Finds

Here are all of the items we loved from Amazon this January! If you’re interested in all of last year’s best purchases, check out this post. You can also find a ton of Amazon finds on my Amazon shop & Shop.LTK.

January 2022 Amazon Finds

01. Food Storage Bag Organizer // 02. Women’s Maternity Shirts // 03. Summer Bohemian Casual Dress // 04. Baby Brezza Formula Machine // 05. Magnesium Sleep Spray // 06. Stackable Water Bottle Storage // 07. Strainer Set // 08. Eyebrow Razor // 09. Clean Skin Club Towels // 10. Oversized Ribbed Knit Tunic  // 11. Women’s Sports Bra // 12. Immunity Gummies // 13. Riser Shelves // 14. Kids Wireless Headphones // 15. Kids Multivitamin Gummies // 16. Kids Rain Boots


Eyebrow Razor // I ordered these after seeing a ton of people talking about them on Instagram. While I still love my Tinkle Razors, I do think these are superior if you want a more thorough dermaplaning experience.

Clean Skin Club Towels // I LOVE these towels. They are one of my favorite purchases for skincare. I use them to wash and dry my face. They are so durable that you can get them completely wet and ring them out repeatedly.


Women’s Maternity Shirts // I’ve been wearing these shirts non-stop. If you’re pregnant I would consider these a must for your maternity wardrobe.

Summer Bohemian Casual Dress // This is a non-maternity dress that I packed for our trip to Miami. I sized up to a large and think that it probably runs a little big considering that I am in my third trimester.

Oversized Ribbed Knit Tunic  // My favorite Amazon sweater from this year. Size down one size for a tunic look and two sizes for a more fitted sweater look.

Women’s Sports Bra // These are THE BEST sports bras. I love a long line sports bra and these have great support while not making me feel like I’m suffocating.


Food Storage Bag Organizer // This ziplock organizer has just made me so happy. I didn’t realize how often I was fighting with the ziplock box in our drawer.

Baby Brezza Formula Machine // I have high hopes for this baby gadget and will report back once our little girl is here!

Stackable Water Bottle Storage // I bought these but didn’t end up using them in our cabinets. I think they will be great for the storage of extra water bottles but in my opinion, they aren’t functional for daily use.

Strainer Set // Love this gold strainer set!

Riser Shelves // We bought these to put in Zach’s office to help with his shelf styling and I’m also using them in the playroom to display the girls’ lego creations.


Kids Wireless Headphones // These are great headphones for kids! I have no complaints.

Kids Multivitamin Gummies // If you buy these through Mary Ruth’s, you can save 10% off with code CRISTIN10.

Kids Snow Boots // My girls have loved these pull-on snow boots for several years now. They are easy to put on and keep their feet so warm!


Magnesium Sleep Spray // I bought this to try and help with my sleeping. As of right now, I can’t really tell a difference but I figure it can’t hurt.

Immunity Gummies // Another new vitamin we are trying out. If you buy these through Mary Ruth’s, you can save 10% off with code CRISTIN10.

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