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How To Style Leather Leggings

Leggings are scary to wear out in public, right? Wrong! Leggings are the ultimate winter closet staple for all those days where you want to be casual but not feel like a slob or when you want to dress up but secretly be comfy. You could buy one pair of leggings and wear them every other day as long as you buy a good pair and know how to style them. I recently found out about a company called Yummie and already have at least 3 pairs of their leggings. They are only on Yummie’s website and retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Shopbop and I’m pretty excited to partner with them today and rave about my love for their comfortable essentials and stylish shapewear. Not only am I going to tell you my must-have pairs but I’m also going to let you in on a few easy tips for styling these wonderful closet staples sent from above.

Leggings (Size small for reference) | Similar Shirt | Sweater | Shoes | Bag

Now before we dive in I need to issue a warning for all of you searching the internet for the best leggings available. Simply stated, do not take advice on what leggings are great and/or how to style them from some leggy twenty-year old. If you want someone who knows the value of a good slimming legging, ask someone who has had a baby or two and can speak openly about the greatness of a pair of pants that holds you in and hugs your tummy.

And that’s what these do! The hug your tummy in a way that says “Hey lady it doesn’t matter if you’ve had a real baby or a food baby, I’ve got you.” and not in a way that says “I dare you to see if you can put me on and if you do you’re never getting me off.” Because isn’t that the typical experience with leggings that double as shapewear? You do a jig or two, break out in a sweat, lay horizontal on the bed, do some kicks and some stretches only to pass out from lack of blood flow once the darn things are finally on. That is absolutely not the case with these leggings. Speaking from a girl that has owned a lot of different brands, this pair has the perfect amount of “hold in” and the perfect amount of stretch for breathability and eatability. I have this plain black pair, this quilted pair and this leather looking pair and all of them are easy to pull on, hug me in all the right spots and (this is the real winner) are able to remove without the need for pliers or scissors. Just because you want to wear a great pair of leggings and/or shapewear doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice the luxury of sitting down or using the restroom all day.

If you invest in a great pair of leggings you will be able to style them multiple ways  and wear them with different types and lengths of shirts. Some leggings that are control-top dig in to to your stomach and don’t allow for a thin long tee while others are too extreme in the thighs / rear end and make dressing them up with a shorter top not all that great. I styled this pair dressy and casual to show you how versatile they are. I’m also wearing them right now as I type this with sneakers and a big ole sweater – I seriously love them.

Dressing Up Leggings

Leggings are most known (and in my opinion best used) for comfort and athleisure styles. However, if you want to look like you’ve dressed up and are being fancy in a pair of leather pants but really want to be chuckling to yourself because you have on an elastic waistband… get this pair of leather leggings. I’ve paired them here with a long button-up, sweater and black books and think that I could totally pull of a holiday party.

what to wear with leggings, leather leggings outfit

Leggings (Size small for reference) | Similar Shirt | Sweater | Shoes | Bag

Styling Leather Leggings for Everyday Wear

This is my favorite way to wear leggings because a) I’m a mom and b) I’m a human. Who wouldn’t want to wear stretchy pants every day of their life and still look presentable? I’m styling them here with a long tee and utility jacket but would also wear this outfit with an oversized sweater. Add in a pair of slides or sneakers and you are talking comfort and cuteness! These are actual photos of me wearing leggings one day to run errands, take care of my girls and get a little work in.

what to wear with leggings, leather leggings outfit

what to wear with leggings, leather leggings outfit

what to wear with leggings, leather leggings outfit

Leggings (Size small for reference) | Shirt | Jacket | Shoes | Bag

If you want a pair several of my favorites below are on sale! And if you get a pair come back and let me know what you think about them in the comments below! 

Sponsored by Yummie and ShopStyle. All opinions are my own!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Looking adorable! The leather legging seems different to try out. I have always purchased other fabrics but your article has motivated me to try a new one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tsport says:

    Awesome looks! I would love to rock some leather leggings but I’m always too nervous I’m not skinny enough for them. I should still give them a try though! Thanks for sharing these ideas.