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Cookie Decorating Party in Matching Pajamas

Does your family wear matching PJs Christmas morning? I always match our girls and in year’s past I’ve bought Zach and myself coordinating pieces as well. Or maybe you host an annual gingerbread making or Christmas cookie decorating party and encourage everyone to dress comfy? Before we moved into our apartment we would host an annual (adults only) gingerbread making competition. Everyone would come over after the kids were asleep, bring a gingerbread kit and decorations to share and we would sit around the table in pajamas drinking mulled cider and competing to see who could design the best gingerbread house. It was fun and festive and I can’t wait to crank it back up when we move into our new home. Regardless of if you are wearing pajamas for Christmas morning, attending a Christmas party in them or giving them as gifts, you should definitely check out Macy’s! They have the cutest collection of affordable family pajamas with a ton of color and style options for every member of the family. Even the dog. Not kidding.

macys pjs cookie decoration party (4 of 25)

macys pjs cookie decoration party (1 of 25)

Striped Footed Pajamas | Snowflake Footed Pajamas | Elf Pajama Set | Snow Pajama Set

Today I’m excited to partner with Macy’s to show you a few of my favorite styles amidst the backdrop of a toddler Christmas cookie decorating party. My friend, Katheryn (who takes all of my photos), has a daughter who is Hayden’s bff and they have been driving us absolutely bonkers to decorate some Christmas cookies. One week when it was too cold to go to the playground we decided we would give in and let them decorate some cookies. Fully aware that all they wanted to do was eat the cookie dough, eat the candy and drive us insane we made a deal with them that they had to dress up in pajamas so we could take some cute photos. My crew is in this collection, Kat & kids are in this collection and I really love this plaid set too if you want a more traditional look. The prices are already so great but for the time being you can save 30% w/ code FRIEND which makes mine and Kat’s around $20, the kid’s sizes around $12 and the toddler onesies less than $10!

Striped Footed Pajamas | Snowflake Footed Pajamas | Elf Pajama Set | Snow Pajama Set

Mom’s “Stop Elfing Around” Pajamas | Striped Footed Pajamas | Elf Pajama Set

Mom’s “Up To Snow Good” Pajamas | Snow Pajama Set

Mom’s “Stop Elfing Around” Pajamas | Striped Footed Pajamas

Mom’s “Stop Elfing Around” Pajamas | Elf Pajama Set

I mean how cute and sweet are they? Scottie and Hayden loved that they each got to pick their own style and Scottie really loved the footies. I picked this one because it made me chuckle and paired it with my Uggs, also from Macy’s.

Now let’s pull back the curtain and talk about what really happened. While they were precious and very excited to wear their cute new pajamas, I was one more scream and spilled pile of sprinkles away from a total nervous breakdown. It’s such a funny thing as a parent. I want them to be excited and have fun but then they get excited and are having fun and I want them to just sit in a corner and watch an iPad. Just being honest here! Needless to say that one of the things that I learned throughout this little process is that if you ever think it’s a good idea to have multiple toddlers decorating cookies at once without an appropriate one-to-one parent to toddler ratio, you’re wrong. If you must be festive and if toddlers have to be involved here are some helpful tips I learned during the course of this party. Also, if this photo doesn’t summarize the holidays with kiddos I don’t know what does.

5 Steps To Surviving a Toddler Cookie Making Party

1. Disinvite all toddlers.

2. If toddlers insist on being there, only use break & bake cookies.

3. Take a break halfway through to lock yourself in the bathroom and cry.

4. Use the baking time to bribe them to go play somewhere far away from you.

5. If all else fails… wine and earplugs are your friend.

Shop The Post: Mom’s “Stop Elfing Around” Pajamas | Mom’s “Up To Snow Good” Pajamas | Striped Footed Pajamas | Snowflake Footed Pajamas | Elf Pajama Set | Snow Pajama Set

This post was created for Macy’s & sponsored by Macys and ShopStyle. All opinions are my own.

Photos by Katheryn Blythe.

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  1. Your girls are SO animated it’s awesome!!!

  2. Kelly says:

    Soooo funny and so true! I had to send this to my husband.

  3. Emily Willett says:

    Love your honesty?