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Friday Favorites No. 26 | J.Crew Edit

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing with you my favorite new arrivals from J.Crew and they are oh-so-good. There is just something about J.Crew in the late summer, early fall that I love. Who am I kidding… I love them all the time! Before we jump into that let’s talk weekend sales. Most of the weekly sales this week are meh but there are three I wanted to mention. J.Crew has 25% off crewcuts with code HOORAY (perfect for back to school). Sephora is having a great sale where you can save 50% off of my favorite contouring palette and this pretty eyeshadow pallet. And the best sale (in my opinion) is at Loft where you can save 40% off of everything with code OHYES.

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I’ve started answering questions I get weekly in these Friday posts. Here are some of the most asked from this week:

A ton of you asked about my girl’s headphones and you can find those here. This is the nail color I’ve been wearing, this is the lip gloss in color “vanilla cream pie”.

Update on my Powerbeats: I shared about how these keep disconnecting on me, won’t charge, etc and allegedly they are so bad that Apple / Beats will return them for free even without the box. A couple of you responded so I’m going to check that out and report back. Until then here are the ones that Zach has that are awesome. They don’t have the over-ear part but they stay in good as far as I’m aware!

Earlier this week I shared on my twitter account this message and it is a must-listen. Also if you’re looking for a good worship album I’ve been loving this one while I work. If you’re looking for a non-worship song I can’t quit listening to this one and this one which I realize are at opposite ends of the spectrum but welcome to my life, ok?


Pretty Prints w/ Free People

red embroidered dress

Men’s Style w/ Nordstrom

My Weekly Wishlist

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