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As all of my faithful readers can attest, I have a very difficult time shopping for Zach. Some of my friends have husbands who love to shop and while Zach does enjoy shopping, it’s not exactly the type of shopping that is conducive to everyday life. For example, he only ever buys workout gear, hunting gear, mountain biking gear, etc which leaves all of his normal life clothing largely dependent on me. I honestly think that if I wouldn’t have donated them he would still be rocking his polos from college just because the thought of buying new clothes, trying on new clothes and returning new clothes totally stresses him out. Luckily he is married to a semi-professional shopper who loves nothing more than scrolling the internet for stylish picks. However, when it comes to men’s clothing I honestly just get so confused. I will think something looks good and Zach will be all “never in a million years”. I’ve beefed up my pinterest and instagram game when it comes to men’s fashion but I don’t quite have a handle on the full spectrum of the internet retail space and turn time and time again to Nordstrom.

I am not kidding when I tell you that Zach’s entire (new) wardrobe is from Nordstrom. I love that they have a variety of styles and price points and I especially love their how-to-style videos. Not only is it easy for me to pick stuff out with how they have their site organized but it’s incredibly convenient that they have free shipping and returns. I just place a big order of several different sizes of several different items, he tries them all on and keeps 3 things on average. Baby steps people.

Me: Top, Jeans | Zach: Non-Iron Button-Up, Jeans,  Shoes,  Sunglasses (In the Green Color), Watch

One of the fun things that I get to do with this blog is partner with brands and retailers that I love and select curated lists from their inventory for my audience. Typically this results in me being the subject of style posts but since I’m trying to help you all know how to shop for your husbands I needed reinforcement from Zach. There is no way (at least not yet) that Zach would have ever agreed to a full-on style shoot, much less one in public, so my friend/photog Katheryn & I devised a little plan. We planned a fancy date night meal to Jianna in downtown Greenville in exchange for our husbands taking pictures with us. Long gone are the days of everything you do in life is documented for a Facebook album so I always love it when Kat totes her fancy camera around to snap some pics. I also love it when she lets me borrow her fancy Chloe bag.

the southern style guide

the southern style guide

Me: Top, Jeans | Zach: Non-Iron Button-Up,?Jeans, ?Shoes, ?Sunglasses?(In the Green Color), Watch

the southern style guide

My?top, jeans. Kat’s top, jeans, clutch, shoes.

And of course we made them get one of us. If you want to shop more of my selection from Nordstrom‘s men’s department I’ve grouped them by category below. You can also check out this post from Mexico, this one from our trip to Charleston & this one all about gifts for men for more outfit + shopping ideas for your guy. Also, I don’t know if you all have visited my new shop page but now I have one just for men! So if you ever need an idea for what to buy your guy just check that out!

Men’s Button-Ups:

Men’s Casual Tops:

Men’s Pants + Shorts:

Men’s Shoes & Accessories

Thank you so much to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post, Katheryn for bringing your camera to dinner and most importantly to Zach for being a good sport… and extremely good looking.

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