Favorite Podcasts

I love a good podcast! I’ll be heading to Charlotte later this week and I can’t wait to binge an episode or ten. I always listen to podcasts when I travel, even if I’m with the girls. I will set them up with a movie or a tablet, pop in my earphones and listen to my heart’s content. These days podcasting is seemingly becoming more popular than instagram. Every time I turn around I feel like a new celebrity, business or average joe is creating a podcast. I’ve rounded up my favorites below but would love to hear from you! What podcasts should I add to my library?!?

1st Row: WSJ Secrets of Wealthy WomenEntre LeadershipSerialProof to ProductThe Morning Toast

2nd Row: Breaking BeautySkinny Confidential Him & Her PodcastOprah Super SoulThe Influencer PodcastMalcolm Gladwell Revisionist History

3rd Row: Pastor Rick’s Daily HopeConspiracy TheoriesWe Study BillionairesBuilding a Story BrandHow I Built This

4th Row: TED Talks DailyThe GaryVee Audio ExperienceUnsolved MurdersStuff You Should KnowUp and Vanished

5th Row: The Joe Rogan ExperienceStuff They Don’t Want You To KnowThe Blogging MillionaireGoal DiggerProverbs 31 Ministries