Favorite Podcasts

I love a good podcast! I always listen to podcasts when I travel, even if I’m with the girls. I will set them up with a movie or a tablet, pop in my earphones and listen to my heart’s content. These days podcasting is seemingly becoming more popular than Instagram. Every time I turn around I feel like a new celebrity, business or average joe is creating a podcast. I’ve rounded up my favorites below but would love to hear from you! What podcasts should I add to my library?!?

Cristin Cooper favorite podcasts.

1st Row: WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women / Entre Leadership / Serial / Proof to Product / The Morning Toast

2nd Row: Breaking Beauty / Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast / Oprah Super Soul / The Influencer Podcast / Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History

3rd Row: Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope / Conspiracy Theories / We Study Billionaires / Building a Story Brand / How I Built This

4th Row: TED Talks Daily / The GaryVee Audio Experience / Unsolved Murders / Stuff You Should Know / Up and Vanished

5th Row: The Joe Rogan Experience / Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know / The Blogging Millionaire / Goal Digger / Proverbs 31 Ministries

Best Business Podcasts

WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women // One of my favorite podcasts about financial independence and wealth. Real stories about entrepreneurship, and being money-savvy.

Proof to Product // Also on BuzzFeed’s list of must-listen podcasts, Proof of Product is about scaling your product-based business. With episodes about social media, delegating, team efficiencies and pitching yourself, it’s a great listen for creative business owners.

How I Built This // Interviews with creators of some of the best known brands. If you ever wanted to know how your favorite brand got started, give How I Built This a listen.

Building a Story Brand // Donald Miller hosts branding experts on how to get your business and brand story out to the public. The guests are insightful and the tips they provide can easily be implemented into any business.

The Blogging Millionaire // How to grow your blog to increase traffic and make money. Kind of important for me, don’t you think?

Goal Digger // Jenna Kutcher is awesome and offers productivity tips, business advice and hacks and strategies to build your own career rather than the traditional 9 to 5. Jenna is like a personal business coach.

The Influencer Podcast // Yes, I’m an influencer. Yes I listen to The Influencer Podcast, shocker. With marketing advice and trends in this unique space, this one is really helpful.

We Study Billionaires // Did you ever want to know why Warren Buffett and Howard Marks are so successful at investing? We Study Billionaires is for you, all about investing strategies and markets.

EntreLeadership // More about leadership than true business, EntreLeadership provides encouragement and advice on professional growth.

The GaryVee Audio Experience // From popular business coach and entrepreneur Gary Vee. This podcast has snippets from his keynote talks, interviews with business owners and his thoughts on business.

Best Entertainment & Lifestyle Podcasts

The Morning Toast // A light listen all about pop culture. This inspires me to check in on The Bachelor to find out what y’all are talking about. Or I could just listen to the Morning Toast instead.

Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast // A mix of everything. From celebrity interviews to business advice.

Breaking Beauty // As a beauty influencer, I love Breaking Beauty. Hosted by two beauty editors, they interview beauty brand founders and influencers to talk about new and classic beauty products. Everything from from how a product or line came to be, to honest reviews of products.

Joe Rogan Experience // No I’m not a millennial guy, but Joe Rogan has some great interviews. Listen to the episode about sleep!

Best Murder and Conspiracy Podcasts

Up and Vanished // The creator of this podcast just selected a cold missing person’s case from South Georgia and ran with it. The first season’s amateur investigating actually reopened the original case! The second season follows a completely different case in Colorado. So good!

Unsolved Murders // More unsolved murders and cold cases in a shorter format. Instead of one season with one host, each episode (sometimes two) explores a cold case. This one is good if you are fascinated by murder mysteries but don’t have time to get sucked in to a full season of a podcast.

Serial // The cultural phenomenon, Serial is on my list of favorites. We all remember season one with Adnan, but now they’re on season three.

Conspiracy Theories // Controversial events and possible coverups. If you love conspiracy theories listen to this.

Stuff they Don’t Want You to Know // More conspiracy theories!

Best Inspirational Podcasts

Oprah Super Soul // Oprah! I could just leave it at that. If you miss the Oprah show, listen to the podcast.

Ted Talks Daily // Ted Talks in short format. Most episodes are about 10-20 minutes. Perfect for listening to while running errands.

Best Christian Podcasts

Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope // Like a daily sermon. Pastor Rick is a great daily ministry.

Proverbs 31 Ministries // This podcasts helps to find common ground in faith with people who are not in the same situation or season of life. Good perspective here.

Best History Podcasts

Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History // If you like history, Revisionist History is one of the best podcasts out there. Every episode re-examines something from the past—an event, a person, an idea, even a song.

Stuff You Should Know // From historic events to how AI facial recognition works, this podcast is like going down a Google rabbit hole.