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Favorite Dark Exteriors

We’re painting our house exterior Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams. That’s right, Iron Ore. Don’t try to sass me and tell me it’s too dark (ahem, Zach, ahem) because I’ll tell you that you better be glad it’s not Tricorn Black. I think the Iron Ore is going to be lovely and is going to achieve all my goals of rustic, refined, modern bliss. And if I’m wrong then I’ll allow you to say I told you so. I’ll never admit it, but you can say it anyways. Here are the dark exteriors that influenced my decision and gave me the courage to go for it! If you also love dark exteriors I love Urbane Bronze, Gauntlet Grey, Grizzle Grey and Kendall Charcoal too!

14 Dark Exteriors

dark home exteriors

Rocky Mountain Hardware


Dark Home Exteriors | The Southern Style Guide

dark exteriors

dark home exteriors (hit me up if you have a source)

amber interiors

Dark Home Exteriors hefferlin-+-kronenberg-architects-tellico-cabin-designboom-03

dark exteriors

Dark Home Exteriors

dark exteriors

dark home exteriors

dark exteriors

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dark home exteriors

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  1. alexis says:

    I for one love the dark exteriors, sleek and modern but also rustic and understated. The dark paint with the copper fixtures is absolutely stunning.

  2. Karri says:

    In my last house we used iron ore on our exterior and our kitchen and I absolutely love it! I’m planning on doing my bedroom in our current house with it. Your house is amazing! And if I ever get to build my own house I might consider doing almost exact same thing with black all over. I wanted to use it here but our stupid HOA won’t approve the color. Reasons to live out in the country I guess.

  3. Diana Aleman says:

    I love that color and I am wanting to paint my house with it, what would you suggest to use for the garage door?