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Faster Way To Fat Loss Q&A

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I’m half way through the Faster Way to Fat Loss program so I thought I would take a minute to share what I’m thinking about the program so for and answer some of your questions! If you are just hearing of this program let me give you a quick explanation.

The Faster Way to Fat Loss is a 6-week online fitness program that I am currently going through. Created by Amanda Tress, the Faster Way to Fat Loss helps you learn to fuel your body effectively and maintain energy throughout the day while you naturally burn fat. The reason I’m so excited about it is because it’s a proven method of restructuring and repairing your metabolic system and increasing your metabolism something that I have struggled with since having kids very closely together! During the course of the 6 week program you receive a full program guide complete with daily workouts for the 6 weeks, nutritional guidelines, webinars, meal plan information and access to a facebook group to get all of your questions answered.

Registration is open for January 1st! I will still be doing my 6 week program when that group starts and will be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Faster Way To Fat Loss
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3 Reasons Why I Love It:

ONE – It is spelled out for you. You get access to a website with every week planned out for you with your workouts, your calorie goals, etc. The workouts have exact directions for weights and sets and links to see the moves. There is literally no burden on you to do anything other than get your butt in the gym with a phone and go to town. (There is an at-home plan too).

TWO – It is realistic. We use My Fitness Pal to track calories and macros but there isn’t a mentality of perfection. The goal is to eat dairy free, grain free and gluten free as much as possible but if something fits into your macros and it’s not trash food then it’s ok. I’ve always failed with the all or nothing eating plans or either I’ll crush it and cut a bunch of weight only to have it slowly creep back up when I resume “real life” again. I’m so excited to have found something I can maintain that is helping me cut fat and gain lean muscle while still being able to live my life.

THREE – It is a proven system that works for helping women lose fat. I have friends that have done it and not random girls on pinterest. Plus a lot of these women are moms. Not that you have to be a mom but nobody understand losing stubborn body fat quite like a momma. Amanda is a mom herself and looks amazing and I’m highly motivated by something that has worked on actual women and not rail thin twenty year olds.

What It’s Really Like:

Prep Week: Prep week is what will start on the 1st and you will have a week to get familiar with the program, get all of your questions answered, start trying to figure out your macros, etc. You will get access to a facebook group, have a skype call and be sent videos to watch. I missed the call because I was at work but she usually posts it on Youtube for you to go back and watch. Prep week was pretty easy for me because there wasn’t a ton of pressure. I gave myself a B for sticking to the program and finishing the workouts.

Week 1: Week 1 was good! I missed one of the cardio days and really struggled to eat enough carbs. When you aren’t eating carbs through crap it’s actually pretty hard to get the correct amount of carbs in your system. Quinoa, bananas and sweet potatoes will be your friend. Intermittent fasting isn’t hard for me because I’m not a breakfast eater but not snacking at night is the hardest part.

Week 2: Still struggling with eating enough carbs but not giving up. Macros are tricky but this program is all about getting better every day and not sticking to some unrealistic expectation of perfection for 30 days or whatever. The workouts feel easy to me (except for cardio days that make me low key want to die) and I’m trying to focus on not over-excercising and following the programs goals – eat the right foods, for the right reasons, at the right times.

Week 3: I finally got the hang of the macros on week three just in time for Christmas craziness and parties galore. I did great with intermittent fasting, really good with the workouts and decent with the eating. I ate salads at meals, hit my calories and for the most part hit my macros but I wouldn’t say I necessarily picked the cleanest and the best foods to do so.

Most Asked Questions:

Is this a bootcamp in your town? No. This is an online program that anyone can do anywhere!

Do you have to have access to a gym? Nope. You will have the option of gym workouts, home workouts and beginner workouts! And it’s not like a track you pick. Everyone gets access to all three which is great if you want to take the gym route but then can’t make it one day and need to workout at home.

What are the workouts like? They are great!! So easy to follow and they have enough variety that you don’t get bored. There are a few cardio days, a few lifting days and a few rest days. Nothing has taken me longer than 45 minutes yet and the cardio days are around 20-30 minutes. I like to life so I enjoy the gym days and have to make myself push through the cardio days. One of the days is sprints and you can do it on a bike, elliptical or running outside. I’m telling you there are options and modifications galore to help this become a true lifestyle change.

What are the meals / food plan like? You get a sample weekly plan, sample dinners and lunches as well as access to a facebook group where everyone shares recipes. I’ve been eating a lot of lettuce wraps, salad bowls, quinoa bowls, protein and veggies. You can follow the sample meal plan to a tee or eat what you want and log everything in My Fitness Pal.

Do you have to count macros? Are they the same for everyone? The whole program is based on eating the right foods at the right times for the right reasons so macronutrients (eating the proper portions of proteins, fats and carbs) is crucial. You put in your weight and your goals into My Fitness Pal and it calculates everything for you! All you have to do is add in your foods and watch the chart change and try to hit your goals.

What is intermittent fasting and is it hard? Read this to learn all about it and no it isn’t hard if you’ve eaten the right foods the day before!

Can I do it while nursing / running a marathon / training for a race? Yes! You would just adjust your calorie goals and workouts as necessary!

How do I sign up? You can sign up here. I know $200 might seem like a lot of money but is’t less than 6 weeks at most Pure-Barre studios, Cross-Fit Gyms and way less than you would pay for a personal trainer which is essentially what you are getting. I fully intend on repeating the program but even if you only did it once it would be workouts and nutritional info you could keep repeating for the rest of your life! (Also full disclaimer…. this post isn’t sponsored in any way but I will receive commissions if you sign up through this post due to affiliate sales. I would never lie to you just to try to get you to sign up and I really believe that it’s a great program. I just always try to be up front with you guys and it’s kind of the law so….)

Next week I’ll share some of my favorite accessories, recipes and supplements for those of you getting started on the 2nd!

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  1. Lynn says:

    Just curious, have you lost any pounds yet?

  2. Johnelle McManus says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. I have been following another blogger who has been doing this program off and on for a year or so, but I learned so much from your post!

  3. Molly says:

    Hello-Which days do you do low carb and which days do you do low macro? Are you able to adjust those days or are those the same each week?

    Thank you!

  4. Karen says:

    Do you have an update on the second half of the program? I’m on week 1 and could use some encouragement.

  5. Kyleen says:

    I want to start the July 16 but have vacations planned. How hard is it to stick with when on vacation

  6. Brie says:

    I have been following the FWTFL instgram for awhile now and I see people eating things like smores or doughnuts from time to time. I know this is no way what they are regularly consuming but I have curious how the program deals with treating yourself. You commented that if it fits in your macros as long as its not trash food it okay…..can you expand a little?

  7. Nice blog…I would like to share my faster way to fat loss

  8. Mark says:

    Well Written. Learned some new stuff with very detailed information.

  9. Tina C says:

    I must take pain meds at 7:30 messed up both feet and nurse so on my feet all day! They can’t b fixed so I don’t walk anymore. I had went from 13 to 6-8’s good healthy diet. Now if get stuck at 16 lbs. I’m now 15’s over 6 yrs with the feet. I must take meds to b mostly pain free so what am I able to do with the fasting