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The Southern Style Guide Best of 2017

(warning: large amounts of words ahead)

When I look back on 2017 it’s safe to say it’s I’m lucky that I didn’t completed lose my marbles. We started the year with a sixteen month old and a three year old and rounded out the year with a two year old and a newly turned four year old. I spent the majority of my year pouring every ounce of my energy into potty training, disciplining, loving, transporting, feeding, discipling again, chasing after and keeping up with two toddlers. On top of that it was probably the biggest, busiest and most productive years for Zach’s company (which I also work for part-time) and it was my first year of blogging seriously from January to December. I’ve had this blog for three years technically but sort of operated in my own little bubble until March of 2016 when I really started focusing on growing it, networking and took the plunge to put a face with a URL.

In addition to the busyness of raising toddlers and balancing multiple businesses we also randomly sold our house. We had just completed a brand new backyard area and completely refinished our master and got a call that people were interested in looking at it if we were interested in selling. A couple of months later we were packing up and finding a place to live while we build. And let me tell you if you have never moved out of the only house you’ve ever lived in as a couple with two toddlers, boy is it fun! And by fun I mean terrible and awful and the most exhausting thing I’ve probably ever done. Do. Not. Recommend. It. The great move of 2017 also gave me several unwanted lbs. I started out the year very disciplined and lost the rest of my baby weight and got in great shape before Memorial Day only to gain it all back over the course of the summer and those couple of moving months where I survived off of lattes and chicken nuggets.

For The Southern Style Guide, 2017 Was a Year of Growth!

I started posting consistently and over the course of the year quadrupled my social reach and tripled my pageviews. It was a year of growing my pinterest following, getting my facebook page off the ground and actually starting to send out a newsletter. I spent the year focusing on livable, realistic style for my readers, relatable shopping guides, my very first beauty tutorials and more personal posts than ever before.

I got to work with brands I love like Draper James, Nordstrom, Alterna, Bric’s, Colleen Rothschild, NYX, Everlane & Herbal Essence to name a few. I also was blessed to travel to some great spots including Playa Mujeres, Charleston, Riviera Maya, Rosemary Beach and Sea Island. A good year became even better when my favorite magazine, Southern Living, named me one of the 50 Most Stylish Southerners.

Even though it was extremely busy, 2017 was a great year and I’m so thankful that Jesus has given me another trip around the sun. As hard as these times can be with the girls and working and juggling what seems to be 100 things at once I’m so blessed by the sweetness of it all.

What 2018 Has In Store

Long story short I’m going to crush it. Not only do I have a passion for sharing style, beauty and design with others I also truly love this blog and look forward to every time I get to work on it. It’s my own little online boutique and I get giddy with excitement over reviewing new makeup, helping people shop and styling everything from tablescapes to parties.

I still honestly believe this is one of the few style blogs out there that you can get honest reviews and relatable style. Not to knock any other bloggers at all but I’m just too tired to try to be the trendiest or the most in-style. If I’m wearing it, you’re safe wearing it. If I tell you it’s a good purchase, you can trust it. Ain’t nobody got time to make stuff up and as I always say I would never lie to make a buck. Also, I’m not in this to be a socialite or a model. I loathe taking photos of myself and am way too hard on my photog to make me look cuter than I am but it’s the easiest way to show you how something fits, looks and moves. When you don’t have a storefront or window displays you wear the clothes and take pictures of yourself in it. It’s 2018 and that’s the way the world works and I’m just going to accept it. In fact, in 2018 I’m going to embrace it. You all know how much I love the old saying “You’re never gonna be jello.”. Well I’m never going to be Gigi Hadid and I’m not going to try. I’m just going to keep showing you how your favorite styles of the season look on a 5’6″ normal/pear shaped/slightly athletic body. Because there are a lot more of us out there than there are super thin, mile long leg types out there.

In 2018 I resolve to stay focused and consistent. I’m going to plan further in advance and give myself margin to enjoy my family. I’m going to stay true to myself and share things and create content that I love and I think you will love. It will be the year of monthly, dare I say weekly, beauty tutorials bc as awkward as it is I love it. I love helping feel better about themselves and i just love playing with makeup. 2018 is also the year that I will kick a little ass in the gym because I’m determined to be in killer shape with a lifestyle that doesn’t rob me of joy or send me to the crazy house. And what I lack in discipline i make up for in determination.

Personally I want to be more intentional with people I love (it’s so hard when you’re a busy momma of littles soaking up all your mind/body and soul), make memories with my family (we’re headed to Hawaii soon and I’m trying to convince z for a trip to Italy bc YOLO) and with any extra margin I have now that my kids are semi self sufficient to fill it with giving back, helping others and making sure I never become a self-centered mom brat. 2018 might also be the year I learn to love to cook. Doubt it tough.

And lastly, 2018 is the year that decor will become a mainstay around here because we are building a house and if I know me I’ll be decorating it and redecorating it for the next decade.

So cheers everybody! From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for reading this blog, supporting my business and helping me get better at serving others with inspiration and information for all their apparel, beauty, travel and home needs. I’m really looking forward to sharing this year with all of you! I’m going to leave you with the top 10 posts of 2017 and I would love to hear your favorite content and what you want to see in 2018.

Top 10 Posts of 2017

TEN – Fall Makeup w/ NYX

NYX, Fall, Drugstore Beauty, Makeup

NINE – Fall Handbag Roundup

Fall Bags, Accessories, Handbags, Purses

EIGHT – Suede Skirt Outfit

Suede skirt and sweater outfit for fall, Cristin Cooper, The Southern Style Guide

SEVEN – Lasering & Microneedling

CO2 micro ablative laser treatment and microneedling, sweetgrass plastic surgery, charleston sc

SIX – Long Sleeve Spring Dress

Long sleeve dress, Striped dress, Bell sleeve dress, Spring Dress

FIVE – Our Trip To Unico

Unico Riviera Maya Review, Mexico Adults-Only All-Inclusive Resort

FOUR – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

nordstrom anniversary sale 2017

THREE – Clean Eating Meal Prep

Clean Eating, 21 Day Cleanse, Cleanse, Whole 30, Daniel Fast, Meal Prep, Food Prep, Meal Planning, Easy Dinners, Healthy Dinners

TWO – Scottie’s Unicorn Birthday Party

And the #1 most visited post from 2017 – Our Master Bedroom Reveal

white and grey master bedroom, one room challenge, master bedroom reveal

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  1. Emily says:

    Love your blog because you are honest and relatable, you wear things I would actually wear, can chase a toddler around in and are reasonably priced. My word for 2017 was genuine because, as a new mom, I got really tired to people telling me that being a new mom was so easy and fun. I don’t trust those people! I started making sure I my friends were genuine, I was being genuine toward others and found genuine people to follow on Instagram who share my interests. Thanks for always being genuine and showing that you can still be a successful business person (and person in general!) while being authentic. Best wishes for a great 2018!