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Dreaming of Warm Weather

As I’m writing this post I’m praying against an impending snow day. I’m supposed to hit the road for blog stuff bright and early so I’m going to be extra bummed if the girls are out of school and the roads are covered in snow. Hayden on the other hand will be pumped because as soon as she heard me mutter the “s word” she started praying out loud that Jesus please lets it snow so that she could sled and make a snowman and play with her friends. My heart turned into mush for a brief second until I remember I am over winter and if we have one more snow day / weather day / school is closed because it’s too cold day I’m going to lose my marbles. Not that I don’t love my girls. I LOVE my girls. But when it’s in the teens outside, you live in a tiny apartment with a 2 year old and a four year old and you work from home it’s enough to make you want to day drink.

Ironically enough today’s post is all about resort dresses. Not that we’re going to see temps warm enough to wear them anytime soon but I just needed to escape somewhere tropical in my dreams, ok? And if you are lucky enough to be jetting somewhere warm and sunny anytime soon pick up one of these beauties and thank me later!

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