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December Best Sellers

We’re back! It was wonderful to take a break from everyday routines to connect with friends and family and celebrate the Advent season. We read our favorite Christmas books, baked dozens of cookies, and helped the girls make fun crafts like reindeer food and stovetop potpourri. Then, we rang in the new year on a special getaway with our oldest two, a.k.a. the originals. Don’t worry, Miss Isla was spoiled at home, and we had a sweet reunion with our littlest boss lady.

December’s roundup features some all-time favorites, like the hat I wore on our anniversary trip, the ice roller I used to depuff my way through the holidays, and the garlic chopper that went viral after I shared our family’s wellness hack on Instagram.

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December Best Sellers

01. Brown Midi Dress // 02. Stick Concealer // 03. Handheld Vacuum // 04. Hat // 05. Food Storage Containers // 06. Sunglasses // 07. Blazer // 08. Ice Roller // 09. Crossbody Purse // 10. Suede Mules // 11. Bow Heels // 12. Garlic Chopper // 13. Spray Mist Bottle // 14. High Rise Jeans // 15. Matted Frame // 16. Collapsable Canvas Tote


01. Brown Midi Dress // I absolutely love the cut and print of this beautiful midi. The perfect dress for fall and winter events.  

04. Hat // This is by far my favorite Stetson to date. I have the walnut color but the black and the cognac are also gorgeous. Save 15% off your first order with code CRISTINCOOPER15.

06. Sunglasses // I call these CELINE dupes my beauty goggles. A $15 Amazon find that I reach for again and again.

07. Blazer // So many ways you can style this staple jacket. It runs true to size!

09. Crossbody Purse // This classic long strap bag goes with everything and is currently on sale.  

11. Bow Heels // You’ll never guess the price of these shoes – they’re comfortable, too! So fun for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

10. Suede Mules // Cute, casual Amazon shoes with lots of color options for under $35. Win, win.

14. High Rise Jeans // These straight ankle-length jeans are so flattering for everyday wear and, even better, on sale.  


02. Stick Concealer // The BEST under-eye concealer.  A staple in my makeup bag.

08. Ice Roller // A skincare essential to reduce puffiness and relieve tension. I especially like to use it first thing in the morning to shrink pores before applying makeup.


03. Handheld Vacuum // This sleek, cordless hand vacuum is just the right size to clean up small messes around the house or crumbs in the car.

05. Food Storage Containers // My current health goal is to eat a whole foods diet, and the key to eating clean is meal prepping. It’s important to have clear containers (so you can see inside) that keep your food fresh and that aren’t a pain in the rear to open and close.

12. Garlic Chopper // Cheers to three years of slamming a minced clove of garlic every time anyone in our family needs an immune boost. This must-have kitchen tool means you’ll never again have to chop like a peasant. In case you missed it, we are now a garlic fan account. Catch the details in my holistic stories highlight on Instagram!  

13. Spray Mist Bottle // I bought one fern, became obsessed and am now an indoor plant lady. This continuous spray bottle is great for year-round use and helped keep our garland fresh throughout the holidays.

15. Matted Frame // We featured these Target frames in a recent save or splurge post and now I have them all over the house. They are so good!

16. Collapsable Canvas Tote // Totes make life easier, from quick errands to weekend trips. This Amazon find is a gem and the collapsible sides make it convenient to store.

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