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December 2022 Amazon Finds

Happy New Year! We made it. Thanks for following along through the holistic deep dives, carline revelations, and – most importantly – the arrival of our precious ten-pound baby girl. If you’re new here, welcome! Each month we round up the 16 Amazon products that made us click “add to cart.” Health and organization await, so let’s get into it. 

Head over to my updated Amazon storefront to shop my latest finds and longtime favorites all conveniently sorted by category. 

December 2022 Amazon

01. Luggage Tags // 02. Fidget Spinners Cube // 03. Sweater Blazer // 04. Honey Lozenges // 05. Collapsible Tote // 06. Beverage Dispenser // 07. Joke Book // 08. Clear Stackable Set // 09. Mini Belt Bag // 10. Boot Inserts // 11. Daily Pill Organizer // 12. Lymphatic Drainage Massager Kit // 13. Storage Baskets // 14. Stackable Organizer Drawers // 15. Activated Charcoal // 16. Electrolyte Drink Mix


Electrolyte Drink Mix // Just restocked my go-to electrolyte packets. I like to take one of these in the afternoon for an instant hydration and energy boost. 

Beverage Dispenser // This crystal glass beverage dispenser was for holiday parties, but then I fell in love with everything from the Godinger store. Their carafe upgraded my bedside table water situation to five-star resort status. 

Collapsible Tote // We use these for grocery runs, road trips, errands, organization around the house and more – truly, you can never have too many!

Storage Baskets // Storing my linens in slide-outs has been a game changer. I also ordered this version.

Daily Pill Organizer // A travel essential and the only container that holds my beloved beef liver pills. 

Clear Stackable Set // Keeping fingers crossed, but so far these containers are helping my girls keep up with their forever disappearing hair ties.

Luggage Tags // Ordered different tags for each family member to keep track of our luggage when traveling. Tons of color options, the quality is great, and the price is a steal!

Stackable Organizer Drawers // New year’s decluttering goals called for more of my favorite under sink organizers. 

Honey Lozenges // I just stocked up on all the Beekeeper’s Naturals products – they use clean ingredients with no refined sugars. I love their throat spray for daily immune support.

Activated Charcoal // If you don’t keep activated charcoal capsules on hand for stomach bugs, bloating and digestion issues, you’re doing it wrong. You can save 20% with the code CRISTIN20, just enter the code at Amazon checkout!

Lymphatic Drainage Massager Kit // Stay tuned – I’m taking my lymphatic drainage game to the next level! 


Mini Belt Bag // I grabbed these bags with the girls in mind, but they’re a good size for adults, too! Under $20 and lots of color options. They’re also obsessed with this version

Boot Inserts // Finally bought shapers to help my boots stand up and prevent cracks and creases. I’ve neglected them for too long. 

Sweater Blazer // I’m so impressed with the quality and price point of this jacket and love the creamy color. Perfect layering piece for fall and winter. 


Joke Book // Proof that it doesn’t take much: This book of knock-knock jokes has kept the girls entertained for DAYS. 

Fidget Spinners Cube // Another affordable toy that has given the girls hours of fun. They took them to dinner every night on our recent trip. It’s a win for me too – they’re engaging their brain with a quiet toy that doesn’t take up space in my bag!

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