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As a lifestyle blogger with an affinity towards all things beauty I receive, buy, use, and sample a LOT of beauty products. In all honesty, I wish I had more skin surface so I could fully dedicate my body to the science of skincare and makeup application. I am constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest products and routinely compare them to my cult favorites. Typically, I review a skincare product for at least a month (sometimes more) before I report on the outcome. At that point, and if it passes the test, I’m able to recommend it as something I would use, as something I think that would benefit someone with a slightly different skincare concern as mine or as something that is sure to be a fan favorite for everyone. I routinely am met with the question “But what is the BEST?” when sharing product reviews and my reply is always the same. There is no one best product for everyone, but there are products that are best suited for differing skin concerns.

Ever since I was introduced to the Colleen Rothschild brand several years ago, they have been my go-to when I need an enzyme mask to brighten, a detox mask to treat breakouts or a soothing cleansing balm for when my skin is feeling dry or inflamed. I stand by my claim that Colleen Rothschild is one of the BEST brands out there for aging skin or anyone with dry or dull skin. When I think of Colleen Rothschild as a line of products, I immediately think deep hydration, the best masks for luminance and breakouts and products to tackle all things aging. Today I’m very excited to share with you a few of my favorite Colleen Rothschild products in honor of their BOGO 50% off sale.

About Colleen Rothschild

I have been a long time fan of the Colleen Rothschild brand. This luxury, results-oriented skincare brand was created by none other than Colleen Rothschild herself. With over 20 years of expertise in the beauty industry, Colleen developed a hand crafted, highly effective, sensory-rich beauty experience with a product mix that will adjust to a variety of needs, whether you’re young or aging, oily or acne-prone. I love that the products in this line are spa-quality and backed by science, but I REALLY love that this brand was birthed out of the entrepreneurial spirit of a fellow female. Not to mention that their packaging is AMAZING and beautiful and looks so dang good on my countertop. Bottom line, if you’re looking to get glowy skin no matter the season, this line is as quality as it gets.

Colleen Rothschild Buy One Get One Sale

Colleen Rothschild Mix & Match Sale

Y’all know I’m all about a good sale! Colleen Rothschild is currently holding an incredible Buy One, Get One 50% Off Mix & Match sale, and you don’t want to miss it. Why not save a few dollars in your effort to achieve glowy, glistening skin? It’s a win, win, really. The discount is automatic at checkout, so there’s no code required. This is a really great opportunity to save on high quality skincare products, so I’m sharing some of my favorites with you below!

Colleen Rothschild Buy One Get One Sale

Colleen Rothschild Buy One Get One Sale Colleen Rothschild Buy One Get One Sale Colleen Rothschild Buy One Get One Sale

My Favorite Colleen Rothschild Products

Quench and Shine Restorative Mask // This hair mask is formulated with rich butters and oils to smooth split-ends, improve elasticity, strengthen strands, and reduce frizz. It’s color safe and can be used as a daily conditioner, or as an intensive weekly treatment!

Radiant Cleansing Balm // I have kept this cleansing balm in my skincare arsenal for a long time now. I love cleansing balms because they remove makeup effortlessly, without any harsh rubbing. I have been lectured by my skincare guru friends to be especially careful around the delicate under-eye area, so taking makeup off can be challenging. But not with this product! To use, I just scoop up a little bit of the balm, rub it between my palms, and massage over my dry face. Then I wipe it off with a warm washcloth! It is the BEST when you have dry or irritated skin.

High Performance Mask Trio // Wait, you mean to say I can sample 3 face masks just by ordering one lovely little package?! Is this heaven?!! This mask trio includes a brightening mask, a clarifying detox mask, and an AHA resurfacing mask. You can either use the masks one at a time, or spot treat by applying a little of each to different areas of your face (there’s a really helpful diagram on their site!). I’ve used the charcoal detox mask and love it (more on that below), so I’m excited to try the others!

Beauty Water // Y’all know I love a good facial spray. This one contains coconut water, watermelon extract, and hyaluronic acid, so it is ultra-hydrating, and keeps your cells plumped with moisture for up to 24 hours! You can use this as a primer, a setting spray, or even a refresher throughout the day and it will leave you skin with a dewy glow.

Dual Enzyme Polish // This mask is packed full of enzymes for deep, deep exfoliation! You may not know this, but the top layer of your skin is mostly made of dead skin cells that contain keratin proteins. The enzymes in this mask break down those proteins, leaving you with softer, smoother skin! To use, apply an even layer to your damp face, leave for 5-10 minutes, and wash off using gentle, circular motions. You can follow with the Detox mask for an extra deep clean!

Clarifying Detox Mask // This product is great on its own or in combination with the Dual Enzyme Polish. Once you have all those dead skin cells removed, you can apply this mask to really deep clean your pores! Charcoal is like a magic ingredient for skin, because it’s very porous and basically a magnet that binds impurities. The mask also includes glycolic acid, which helps increase cellular turnover, and Vitamin C for antioxidants. It can be used on any type of skin 2-3 times a week! This is hands-down my favorite charcoal mask!

Face Oil // In case you’re new to face oils, let me catch you up. Facial oils are all of the rage these days and can be patted into your skin for extra hydration, mixed into certain foundations for illuminating coverage, and this one can even be used on YOUR HAIR. That’s right. Your hair. This product combines 9 different oils that nourish thirsty skin and smooth fly-aways alike. It provides intense hydration with no greasy residue, and I’m just convinced it’s miraculous.

Complete Eye Cream To be honest, I’m weird about eye creams. HOWEVER, I really love this one. It is really thick, so you feel like you’re getting something done, but it’s also really fluffy so it doesn’t feel cakey. I mean, are you loving these technical descriptions or what???

Sheer Renewal Cream An oil-free moisturizer that provides hydration and (wait for it) promotes new cell turnover. Aka it helps your skin naturally regenerate itself, while doubling as a barrier for environmental defense and giving you weightless hydration. I have combination skin and can skew towards being oily, so I am always careful with moisturizers. This one has an almost matte appearance and will not leave you feeling greasy!

Extreme Recovery Cream If you have very dry or dehydrated skin, this then product will be your new obsession. It delivers intensive care for dry skin while evening out skin tone and texture. I use it if I’m dehydrated from traveling, from too much sun exposure or when I just need a good boost of overnight hydration. In the winter, I keep this product in constant rotation.

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