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Cold Weather Favorites

All of my favorite online shops are screaming resort! swimwear! slutty dresses in the tropics! but I’m still frozen to the bone down here in the Carolinas. Us Southerns don’t take well to winter and well, I still need a sweater or two to make it out alive. I was surfing the web looking for a few cozy items to pick up and thought I would round up my favorites for you all. You know shopping posts are my favorite and I hope you like them too! If you want to know my personal favorites here they are in random order. This beanie is a little pricey but I’m a buy one beanie and wear it all the time kind of gal. If you want cheaper then check out this one which is on sale for less than $20 and thenThis sweatshirt would be a great casual item to add to your closet because you could wear it with any color of denim. I also really love this turtleneck sweater, this v-neck sweater and this cozy pullover. Shop them all below!

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  1. James says:

    11 looks really nice. It combines well with a lot of other clothes!

  2. Hyper says:

    Wow, It is really a great article. Need to know about winter poolover.