Christmas Blessings

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! We received many nominations for families struggling and in need this holiday season. It was incredibly heartbreaking to read through each family’s story and journey that they are on. It was difficult to narrow down the nominations, but we were able to choose 10 families for our Christmas Blessings this year! The holiday season for our family is a time for celebrating the birth of our Savior, and a generous God who gives freely to all. As we worship this holiday season we try to focus on celebrating the gift of Jesus, giving joyfully to others and spending time with our loved ones. Thank you for helping these families going through a difficult season this year.

” For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called. Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” – Isaiah 9:6-7

If you could, I would love for you to read through the stories below and consider contributing in some way. If you purchase from their Amazon wishlist, the items will be shipped directly to the family with the address they provided. I am so very thankful for each of you who helps make this a possibility!

The Mitchell Family

Kenya Mitchell is from Alabama but now lives in Greenville and has no family in the area. She’s a single mother raising three kids. Due to COVID-19, she’s in dire finances and at risk of losing her apartment, her car and other bills because she lost her job and she is the sole provider of her children. She was living in the Salvation Army for a period of time before she could afford the apartment they are now in but are in the crosshairs of being evicted. For more updates on Kenya, you can check the GoFundMe and see she posts the payments she’s making each day. Kenya is fighting to put a roof over her family’s head. Anyway you feel led to help this family is so appreciated!

The Mitchell Family Amazon Wishlist
The Mitchell Family Go Fund Me

The Burdette/Spatafora Family

Angela and Nick share a blended home with their five children. Ava (12), Clayton (9), Jaxon (9), Drake (6), Aiden (1). in September, Nick’s 9 year old son was sent to the hospital due to having a high fever and not being able to walk. After several test, he was diagnosed with Juvenile Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He was in the hospital for a month undergoing chemo and was able to come home for two weeks before having to be readmitted. He just got out from his second round of chemo on 10/8/2020. His next steps (of this round doesn’t work) will be a bone marrow transplant at Emory, where he would be for months.  Angela has been able to maintain her job but Nick is having to take a leave of absence in order to be at this hospital (he and the birth mom swap out every 24hrs). And on his first day back at work, he had to leave to rush Jaxon back to the hospital. He works at a company that is not large enough to offer FMLA so they have been without Nick’s income.

The Burdette/Spatafora Family Wishlist

The Pearson Family

Lindsey Pearson and her husband have four children. Ages: (14) girl, (9) boy, (6) girl, (5) boy. Her husband lost his job at the end of April due to the Coronavirus. He’s been unable to find work since. Lindsey is unable to work because their five year old son has many health problems as he was born with many medical issues. They still to this day do not know what has caused it. He’s blind, has epilepsy, severe developmental delay, metabolic disorder, and has recently been diagnosed with a mood disorder. He’s been in and out of the hospital throughout his life. They do not have much help but their family helps any way they can. Their 14 year old daughter has told her parents she is okay not receiving Christmas presents as she understands this year has been extraordinarily difficult for their family.

The Pearson Family Amazon Wishlist

The Bull Family

Steve and Amy Bull have recently both lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus. They have a very large family and all six children are living at home, Phoebe lost her job due to Coronavirus (21), Penny lost her job due to coronavirus and is a full time student (18), Paisly (15), Miles (14), Askel (10) Yaeger (5). This family is struggling. They have no health insurance because they are out of work and the unemployment, extra covid money & stimulus is gone. They have eight people in their house that need help. It would mean the world to them and their kids knowing they won’t wake up to nothing on Christmas morning.

The Bull Family Amazon Wishlist

The Lewis Family

Diane has had her share of unbelievable obstacles, such as an unexpected knee surgery, the loss of her aunt, the loss of her cousin, who was much like a sister, all within the span of a couple of months in 2020. Recently, she has stepped up to meet the challenge of providing financially and emotionally for her deceased cousin’s children. She strives to provide some sense of normalcy during their first year without their mother. She has recently learned that the young nieces and nephews of her adopted daughters are living in an unsafe situation and she has decided that it is in their best interest for them to live with her. As of right now, there will be eight people living in a three bedroom, one bathroom house. The cost of taking in four more children is astounding, All the while paying for her daughters’ college tuition, and putting her needs on the back burner. She injured her back and due to all of the other financial obligations she has, she is unable to get the needed MRI. She has had to take off numerous days from work in order to make court appearances for these precious children, go to doctors’ appointments, and even deal with unexpected car trouble. Diane would love to be able to give all of her kids a great Christmas.

The Lewis Family Amazon Wishlist

The Feaster Family

Ashley’s home caught on fire in February 2020. Soon after, Ashley lost her job due to the Coronavirus and has not been able to find work since. Ashley and her 5 year old daughter Emma have been staying with family.

The Feaster Family Amazon Wishlist

The Dermid Family

Miranda Dermid is a single mom of two small children, Kenlsey & Knox who she is 100% financially responsible for. She is a high school science teacher that works full time. In her spare time she tutors, babysits and drives for door dash to make ends meet. Ashley never does anything for herself. Her kids could use some new clothes, shoes and/or toys. Ashley would love clothes or small things to spoil herself with.

The Dermid Family Amazon Wishlist

The Tufts Family

Sandra Tufts came to the US legally over 20 years ago, however they have experienced challenging immigration issues the past couple of years. Sandra went to Mexico in May 2019 to apply for legal status but was denied. Sandra has since been stuck in Mexico and Justin, her husband, and their 2 girls are in Kentucky. Justin resigned from his salaried job that forced him to travel as he did not want to leave his children and they have since lost Sandra’s income.

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The Fox Family

Britney is a single parent, a full time nurse and a mom to two preteens; one who is in need of constant care. Iylamae, her 12 year old, was born with a genetic disorder that they have yet to diagnose. Iylamae has had around 15 big surgeries, and well over 100 procedures in her short 12 years of life. By the age of 3, she was considered legally blind. She could see out of her left eye, not 100% but enough, but completely blind in her right. This past Halloween, Iylamae went completely blind within 48 hours. The family spent the next week in the Children’s Hospital, with no real answers to come of it. She was given a high dose of IV steroids which brought back about 20% of her sight (in her one eye). Emakate, who is the younger sister, may have to sacrifice some things, every so often. But she loves her sister so much and will do anything for her. She deserves a big pat on the back for being her, being so patient, and always helping when needed. Britney works full time as a nurse and she spends her days off, at the Children’s hospital for Iylamae’s doctor appointments, physical therapy, procedures and surgeries.

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The Gautschi Family

Shannan Gautschi has had a complicated medical journey since 2009 with numbness and pain in her legs. Recently, she was hospitalized in June and is now bound to a wheel chair as she has lost her ability to walk. Phil, Shannan’s husband, resigned from his job to care for his wife and two daughters, Stella & Luna, full time. He would like to bless his wife with some gifts this Christmas.

Every item was purchased from the Amazon wishlist. You can still donate to their Go Fund Me! The Gautschi Family Go Fund Me

The Wyatt Family

Samuel Wyatt is a 4 year old little boy who is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This family’s world was turned upside down.  Samuel’s cancer has a very rough treatment course.  He has to have multiple spinal taps and chemo every two weeks. He has endured painful mouth sores and extreme fatigue.  He was suppose to get to go to school this year which he was so excited about but that possibility is looking bleak. Samuel can not go anywhere or do anything because of this disease.  He is currently confined to his home. Here is their facebook group for those interested in following Samuel’s journey.

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The Hudson Family

Julie is a 29 year old single mother of two. Her best friend in the entire world, her mother, has recently passed away. Julie has always lived with her mother who helped with many responsibilities throughout Julie’s life. Julie lost her home and lost her long term job at McDonalds but now has a job at Dollar Tree. She recently moved into an apartment. Julie would love to be able to give her young children a great Christmas.

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The Christian Family

Kayla Christian is a single mom to a little boy named Wyatt. She is now battling breast cancer for the second time. She first had breast cancer three years ago at the age of twenty-seven. This time, at the age of thirty, it is inoperable as it is attached to her rib and against her heart sac. She is hoping to go to Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, but it is a financial struggle to do so and her insurance will not approve her going.

Every item was purchased from the Amazon wishlist. You can still donate to her Go Fund Me! The Christian Family Go Fund Me

Don & Diane Stevens

In September, Diane was diagnosed with breast cancer for the fourth time. On October 22, Don and Diane were forced to evacuate their only home in Grand Lake due to the Colorado wildfires. A few days later, they received confirmation that everything burnt down and there was nothing left. Don and Diane are currently staying at various friends’ homes for a couple nights at a time. They are navigating so much uncertainty between their health and lack of a home.

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The Lindley Family

On January 26th, 2018 Rhiannon was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Ph+. What followed was repeated hospitalizations, spinal chemotherapy, IV chemotherapy, oral chemotherapy, steroids, antivirals, antifungals, and antibiotics. Almost exactly a year later, on January 25th 2019 she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She has beat both cancers. On September 2019 by some miracle she discover she was pregnant. Her leukemia returned and caused Baby Xane to spend 5 months in the NICU. During this time she received chemo, total body irradiation, and a bone marrow transplant. 101 days after bone marrow transplant on August 23rd 2020 she became hospitalized in the ICU. She has five children of her own, stepchildren, has guardianship over her adoptive sisters and an older brother who has disabilities. Her husband is working from home and watching their children. Rhiannon is currently 3 hours away from her family and is in a hospital in St. Louis. They did not have the capacity to create an Amazon Wishlist so we made one of behalf of their family. Their children’s ages are: Girl (8), Girl (6), Boy (4), Girl (4), Girl (3), Girl (2), and Boy (~11 months).

Every item was purchased from the Amazon wishlist! You can still donate to her Go Fund Me! Rhiannon Lindley Go Fund Me