Christmas Blessings

Thank you for taking the time to visit this post! I recently held a sale on my instagram shop and asked you all who would be great people to donate the proceeds to. Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in!! I narrowed the submissions down to the six families below that are in need of financial support, blessings and prayer this Christmas! I will be donating my proceeds from my instagram sale as well as individually to each of the below. If each of you would consider skipping a coffee or a tea this weekend and donating that amount to one of these families , we could make an overwhelming impact!

The Borggard Family

This is a family in my church with three boys, ages 8, 5 & 3, who recently lost their dad. One of the little boys wrote in to our children’s ministry asking for prayer for their family and that they would still be able to have Christmas. Our children’s ministry contacted the mom and asked for some of the things that they liked and I have put together a wish list for them on Amazon. There should be an option for delivery to NewSpring Church. The church staff will collect the gifts and get them to the family!! I would love to bless this momma and her babies big time so thank you so much for considering this!!

Link to give: Borggard Family Amazon Wish List

Autumn Dalton

This is a family that is personally known by one of my friends. Their three year old daughter is battling a rare type of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

On the night of September 20, 2019, her little legs began to hurt enough to keep her up all night. Early the next morning, September 21, after a visit to her pediatrician, she was referred to Children’s Health Care of Atlanta at Scottish Rite.  

By lunchtime that day, Autumn’s parents were given the news that her symptoms and test results indicated that she had leukemia, which they later were told it was ALL. The week following, Autumn stayed at the hospital for more tests and the start of her treatments. Adam and Trish tried to wrap their heads around just how much her life, and theirs, was going to change.

After being discharged, Autumn went in for her first outpatient Chemo treatment and spinal tap the following Monday.  By Wednesday, October 2nd, Adam and Trish were told that Autumn has a very rare, more aggressive form of Leukemia that is mainly seen in adult, calls Ph+ ALL. In Ph+ ALL, a specific gene makes an abnormal protein that helps leukemia cells to grow, making it harder to eradicate the cancerous cells.

With this diagnosis, Autumn’s treatments will be more intense than originally planned. She will have at least three hospital stays of a week or longer over the next several months. Autumn will be given a harsh amount of chemo during these stays to battle her cancer.  Along with these additional hospital stays, the cost of uncovered medications, special dietary changes, and Trish no longer being able to work so that she can provide care for Autumn, their bills will be overwhelming.

Know that any amount you are able to give to Autumn with the battle of her life will be greatly appreciated. Please keep our family in your prayers and feel free to share this page. #AutumnStrong

Link to give:

The Menon Family

Nomination: My suggestion for the charity is such a sad story about a family I heard recently. A mom of two young boys passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this past Oct. On top of that, the husband has been struggling for a while as he has been sick and needing a kidney. Their Go Fund Me page is below if you want to read their story. Heartbreaking. Awesome idea to do this!

Link to give:

Hailey Holder

Nomination: I watched your stories, and wanted to let you know of a precious family that is so dear to me. Hailey Holder, who is the sweetest, most precious one year old was diagnosed with stage IV Aveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma in May of this year. She has endured 24 out of 56 weeks of chemotherapy thus far. She is on her last week of radiation and chemotherapy treatment at Children’s Health of Atlanta. She return back to Macon, Ga, to continue chemotherapy. She will start five days of hospitalized chemotherapy on Monday, December 16th, meaning she will spend Christmas in the hospital fighting cancer. We are trusting God and his plan. If you choose to donate to this sweet family, I could never thank you enough. Her family would appreciate it so much. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. 

Link to give:

Mason Mileham

Nomination: One of my great friends 3 year olds was just diagnosed with a late stage neuroblastoma. They just left today for his second round of chemo which means he’ll be sick for his fourth birthday next week and most likely Christmas. The family has a long road ahead of them with lots of travel and expenses. I’m the mom of littles too and I can not even imagine what their going through.

Link to give:

The McClung Family

Nomination: I have a friend who’s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia easter weekend of this year. While this is normally one of the easiest cancers to treat and most kids are in remission after one month of treatment my friends daughter Lennon did not have this response. She has had to go through 4-5 rounds of chemo before finally reaching remission but the entire process has been anything but text book, her body seems to have the opposite reaction to every drug and illness through this entire process, even stumping her own doctors as to what would be the best options for her since her responses are never expected. On top of that this family has 3 other sons, a father who works full time, (they are in the process of opening their own restaurant, this process has been going on for years-loans taken out, restaurant being built before her diagnosis so it’s not something they could have walked away from) and the father is working on this restaurant as well as taking care of their 3 young boys alone while Christina is constantly away at the hospital with Lennon. On top of all of this the fathers dad also has cancer and has recently stopped treatment.  

Link to give: