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Anthropologie Home x Nordstrom

This week Anthropologie launched at Nordstrom which means that you can get Anthropologie’s beautiful decor products with Nordstrom’s incredible shipping policies. If you’ve ever purchased anything on Anthropologie’s site you know that shipping can be outrageous. Let’s say that you just want to get a candle for a gift or a few door knobs to try out at home. Who wants to pay almost half the price of the actual item just to ship it? Not me! I mean it’s 2018 people… I’m not paying money to get anything delivered to my house. Call me a spoiled child of the Amazon generation but I want it delivered & I want it delivered for free. That’s why I love shopping at Nordstrom! Granted I think their shipping is slow but at least it’s free. And so are the returns! So go ahead and get wild and order everything I’ve linked up and only keep a couple of items that work. The world is your oyster & the shipping is free!

Anthropologie, Home, Nordstrom

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Anthropologie, Home, Nordstrom

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