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Abercrombie Sale

It’s not every day that I start shopping at a new retailer. In fact, I maintain a healthy rotation of Nordstrom, Shopbop, J.Crew, H&M, Madewell, Asos & Loft with others randomly sprinkled in. Today I’m sharing a brand new (to me) retailer with you, Abercrombie & Fitch. I’ve picked a few favorites from their line as well as rounded up the best items of the 60% off sale they are having. This post all started the other day when I was in the mall and worked up the courage to walk into Abercrombie.

Courage? Yes, courage. If you’re confused by this statement then you must be in your early twenties. For those of use in our early thirties, walking into Abercrombie feels like walking back in time. I still remember wearing one of their v-neck sweater vests to middle school like it was yesterday. You know the ones, with the moody colors and the pattern across the chest. And let’s not forget they time they sent a catalogue home with a topless girl riding an elephant that made all of our moms vow to never take us shopping there again.


Abercrombie has done a bit of a revamp in recent years and is appealing to an “ah-hem” more distinguished demographic. Aka, they actually sell something called “mom jeans” and have a great selection of casual meets boho vibe. If I had to compare them to other brands I would say they have a very Free People meets Madewell aesthetic. After looking over their website for months and including their items in a few roundups I thought it best that I take it to the store for a fit review. Honestly, the act of going into a store and not automatically knowing what size I would be was a new feeling for this blogger / professional shopper. So I did what any sane person would do and started big.

In the olden days of Abercrombie I remember being a 4 when it seemed like they sold only 0 to 0000. Ok maybe it went to just 00 just I can recall shopping there and feeling like I needed to be a double negative to find something. Also, can we just stop it with the 00?! Dear brands of the world, just make your smallest size 0 and go from there. Maybe even do 1/2 sizes. I would happily be a 3.5. I digress. Today I’m a little thicker than that middle schooler size 4 (Praise God) so I reached for medium tops and size 28 & 29 jeans. I typically wear a 27 in denim and a small in the top unless it’s fitted in the shoulders in which case I will wear a medium.

Ambercrombie Git Review + New Arrivals

TOP (Small) // JEANS (28) // PHONE CASE

I reached for these size 28 jeans first because all self-proclaimed professional shoppers know that you start big so that you don’t get annoyed. If you start a size up and they fit then just tell yourself the brand runs small, because they probably do. If you start small and they don’t fit then you’re going to have to peel them off, sweat, cuss and eventually convince yourself that you need to eat more veggies. Doesn’t option one sound way better? Also, in addition to not knowing how to use the words “mam, can we help you?” or “would you like a fitting room?”, the employees at Abercrombie clearly don’t know how to clean a mirror.

Ambercrombie Git Review + New Arrivals

TOP (Small) // JEANS (27) // PHONE CASE

After I tried on the 28s I went for the 27s. These are low-rise which I hate and they also didn’t have pockets so I guess they were technically jeggings? I opted for the high-rise skinny jeans to take home and got this top in this color and the blue & white stripe. It’s so soft and I think I might live it in this fall. I’m currently trying to restrain myself from getting the cream, too.

Ambercrombie Git Review + New Arrivals


Abercrombie has an impressive selection of tops, sweaters and cardigans right not. I’m also loving that so many of their styles have a tied front or are easy to tie or knot. This top above is my favorite thing I brought home. The one below did not make the cut because let’s be honest it looks like I should be going bowling. The laces on the shirt are just too much for me but I did see it in cream and that option looked better.

Ambercrombie Git Review + New Arrivals

SWEATER (Small) // JEANS (27)

All in all I was very impressed with the selection, fit and quality at Abercrombie. I can’t say I will necessarily be shopping there in person again but I will be hitting up their website since I do 99.9% of my shopping online. Right now they are having a huge 60% off sale so I weeded through the seemingly thousands of items to select some top picks for you.

Abercrombie Sale

Knot Front Tee // Ruffle V-Neck Blouse // Twill Jacket // Tie-Front Top

Abercrombie Sale

V-Neck Tee // Wrap-Front Blouse // High-Rise Jean Legging // Plaid Peplum Top

Abercrombie Sale

Knot-Front Button Up // Tie-Waist Tank Dress // Open Stitch Cardigan // Button-Up

Abercrombie Sale

Lightweight Cardigan // Button-back Sweater // Plaid Shirtdress // Tie-front Button-up

Thanks for reading, everyone! Hope you have a great Monday and find some cute things on sale!!

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