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A Review of the NuFace Mini+ Toning Device

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One of my favorite skincare tools is the NuFace, a microcurrent facial toning device that helps to improve the look and tone of my skin. I have had the NuFace Mini for years and just treated myself to the NuFace Mini+. If you are interested in lifting and toning your face with an easy-to use device, then don’t miss the chance to get the NuFace Mini+ on sale today on QVC.

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What it is

This FDA-cleared facial toning device is a microcurrent massager that stimulates facial muscles for a natural lift & contour! It is crazy how regular use can improve the look and tone of your skin! Essentially it is like working out your face muscles. If you are worried about sagging jowls or losing tone in your face, get this device a try. At first you use it more frequently but over time you can go for longer between treatments. It’s quick, painless and you do see results almost instantly!

Get the NuFace Mini+ on Sale Today on QVC

Today, you can get the NuFACE Mini+ Microcurrent Toning Device with 10oz Gel Kit on QVC on promo from the retail price of $245 to $179.95. But, with my promo codes you can save even more with free shipping! Use code “FREESHIP” if you are a first time customer and customers can use code “QVCGIFT” (max 15 purchases) for free shipping!

In addition to the NuFace Mini+ Microcurrent Toning Device, you will also receive a 10oz. Aqua Hydrating Activator, brush activator, storage bag, and power supply cord.

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How to Use the NuFACE Mini+

The NuFACE Mini+ has an app that you can access step-by-step tutorials that are tailored to you and set custom reminders to assist with staying on track! In the app, you select from a list of microcurrent facial options that use soft wave microcurrent technology to customize your treatment area of concern:

  • Skin Tightening Mode (to improve the appearance of tone + texture)
  • Instant Life Mode (helps to instantly tone, lift, + contour face + neck)
  • Pro Toning Mode (helps to re-educate the facial skin + muscles)

More Sale Finds from QVC

As long as you’re shopping, you might as well add these great sale finds to your cart. Don’t miss out on the Too Faced Hangover Pillow Balm Lip Treatment Duo. It is a creamy balm formulated with a blend of minerals and a nourishing complex of fruit oils, conditioning butters, coconut water and hyaluronic acid. It gives you a boost of hydration and a hint of color. Right now, you can get this duo marked down from $46 to $29! What a great stocking stuffer idea for someone who loves lip products!

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