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A Frozen 2 Halloween

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It’s almost time again for that one time of year you get to try to manipulate your kid into dressing up in cute, sibling-themed costumes that you think are adorable and/or hilarious. Or is that just me? This year Halloween is undoubtedly going to be different, but there might just be a silvery lining in all the madness.

I was at dinner recently and one of my friends said that she was going to consider this year a “pass year” for costumes and just let her kids go wild. We all got a good laugh at the crazy things our kids wanted to be that didn’t make sense, weren’t appropriate, or just were plain weird. I always try to get the girls to wear matching costumes in the same way I try to make them wear matching clothes. I can’t explain why but it just makes me happy and after all, I’m the one buying everything, washing everything, keeping up with everything, and wrestling them into all of their clothes and outfits, full sweat on the floor. It’s only fair that I get a say. Since I’m not a DIY type of gal, I always buy their outfits outright. After dinner with my friends, I decided that I wouldn’t stress about it, wouldn’t care if they matched, and would just let them dress up however their heart desires. 

Disney princess costumes from Frozen 2.

Scottie’s heart is clearly made of ice. This year when I asked what she wanted to be for Halloween, one thing was clear. She didn’t just WANT to be Elsa, she would BE Elsa.

I have found that five is the magic age where they are INSISTENT on what they want to be for Halloween and it takes a fair amount of coercing to get them on board with a group costume. I have successfully manipulated around that in previous years but this year there was no getting around it. She was going to be Elsa or she was going to be Elsa. Those were the two options. 

Girls in their Elsa and Anna from Frozen Costumes.

Frozen Halloween Costumes from shopDisney

Enter shopDisney. Just about the time that Scottie was trying to reenact Frozen and freeze her hands into solid ice in the freezer, I got an email from shopDisney explaining a 30% off sale that they would be having and seeing if we wanted to partner with them and make our Halloween a Disney one. All it took was for me to say “did you two know that there is an ENTIRE store where you can dress up exactly like a Disney character?!?” and Halloween was dominated.

We watch a ton of Disney movies (lots of Frozen), the girls have a few costumes and they have been in the store once when they were younger, but we have never been to any of the parks. I know that there are kids out there who could essentially be Disney tour guides at the age my girls are, but they are pretty much not really aware of things like an entire store with every Disney toy, costume, and trinket you could imagine.

I pulled up shopDisney on my computer and you would have thought I was taking them to eat lunch with Mickey himself. It was quite fun to watch them scroll through the pages and pick out what they wanted to be. Luckily for my Halloween group costume loving dreams, one look at Anna’s boots, and Hayden was sold on the Frozen theme. She also shares my affinity for making things match and coordinate and decided if Scottie was going to be Elsa then clearly she needed to be Anna. Then once they saw that they could dress up Charlie as Olaf it was over. 


Scottie as Elsa from Frozen for Halloween
Scottie in her Elsa Costume

Elsa’s Costume // Elsa’s Wig // Elsa’s Shoes // Elsa’s Jewelry // Elsa’s Headband


Hayden in her Halloween costume as Anna from Frozen.
Hayden's Anna costume for a Frozen Halloween
Hayden's Frozen 2 costume

Anna’s Costume // Anna’s Wig // Anna’s Shoes // Anna’s Crown

Frozen Dog Costumes

Charlie as Olaf. Frozen Costume for dogs

Olaf Pet Costume

shopDisney Costume Sale

Girls in their ShopDisney Frozen 2 Halloween Costumes.

Needless to say, the girls have worn their Frozen Halloween costumes daily since getting them in. In previous years I keep Halloween costumes under lock and key so nothing is lost or messed up. This year I’m letting them enjoy it all October long since so much of their little lives have changed.

If you want to get Halloween costumes ordered and bring a little joy to your little ones just sit them down at a computer, pull up shopDisney, and let their imaginations run wild. shopDisney also carries everything you need for an at-home Halloween party and is running a special promotion this weekend where you can save 30% off select costumes and accessories!

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