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25 Indoor Activities to Entertain Kids at Home

Stuck inside with the kids all day? Week? Month? Same. Hopefully this post can ease some of the boredom and exhaustion when you are looking for ways to entertain your kids indoors. Here are all of my best ideas that are easy for adults and fun for little ones! What are some of your favorite things to do inside with little ones?

activities to do indoor with kids
Indoor Activities for Kids

Bounce House //

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

1. Have a dance party – This is an easy one! Turn on Alexa and let her rip. Check out this playlist for fun, happy tunes!

2. Be a builder – Build different structures using materials around the house or Legos. Here’s an awesome 30 Days of Lego challenge you can print.

3. Create an obstacle course using different objects around the house! Here are 20 different obstacle course ideas if you need some inspiration!

4. Explore STEM projects that are great for keeping your kids busy in meaning learning with a KiwiCo Crate . You can save 30% off your first month (you just pay shipping & handling) by visiting this link.

5. Learn to read and play games on a tablet with HOMER, a proven learn-to-read program for kids! Visit this link for a free 30 day trial that will give you up to 4 profiles that you can tailor to each child!

6. Play-doh – My favorite tip for play-dough is to use it on a baking pan with raised edges so that it doesn’t get anywhere. They say you can make your own, but who has time for that? I prefer to buy the 24 pack and call it a day!

7. Give your girls a mani/pedi. Bonus points if you paint their nails with this so that they don’t put their hands in their mouth.

8. Stream a fun kid’s workout like Kidz Bop Kids Dance Videos, Go Noodle, Cosmic Kid’s Yoga or Kid’s Zumba!

9. Do a Lite Brite, Puzzle or play a Board Game! My girls will play Guess Who alone and it’s a dream! We also love Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders.

10. Play Store – Have your kids collect their toys and fake money and run a store. You could even get them a “real” cash register. They’ve been to Target, they know what to do!

11. Go on a virtual field trip!! You can Explore the surface of Mars, Take A Virtual Farm Tour, Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Yellowstone or the meet up with the Cincinnati Zoo every day at 3pm for a different live animal!

12. Create a list or people to pray for daily and make thank you notes for different people (pharmacists, cashiers, children out of school right now, elderly neighbors, service members, doctors, nurses, etc.) that they could pray for during this time. Thanks Priscilla Shirer for this idea! Or they can send some old school snail mail to their friends!

13. Decorate cookies! I prefer the break & bake method.

14. Spending all of this time at home gives everyone in your family a chance to soak up a great book! Choose a book as a family to read together, take turns reading, listen to stories on Audible (free right now!), or follow @Savewithstories to watch different celebrities and public figures read aloud children’s books for a great cause.

15. Plant some seeds and watch them grow. This kit looks really cute!

16. Build a fort and watch a movie together! I like to pause movies periodically to quiz the girls and make sure they are paying attention. Pro-tip: Towel clips really help, as do cheap twinkle lights! If tents aren’t your style, there is no shame in ordering a TeePee.

17. Make-shift cornhole, ring toss, whatever you want to call it. Or your could buy this kit.

18. Invest in a mini trampoline or bounce house and have jumping games, bounce around your animals, snowball fight with cotton-balls. The games are endless.

19. Do Easter Egg Hunts inside your house! You can even buy them pre-filled!

20. Take a bath. There are so many fun bath toys like bath bombs, bath crayons and light-up bath toys. You can also practice writing on the side of the tub.

21. Make slime or friendship bracelets!

22. Buy some fun workbooks for learning to write, read and draw. We LOVE Kumon books, Bob Books Workbooks & books that teach you how to draw.

23. Play I-Spy or 20 Questions! For 20 questions, have them think of someone and then everybody else asks yes or no questions to get to the bottom of it. Is it a boy? Is he in our family? Does he go to our school? Etc. Etc.

24. Let them color! Or paint! Or craft! Just cover your table with a disposable plastic table cover or a tarp and let them go to town. I prefer the disposable option because you can just ball it up and toss it when it’s covered in glue, rhinestones and glitter. Joanna Gains, RavenRoxanne & Dorothy Shain are all sharing different art tutorials!

25. Make a weekly bucket list or a daily to-do list. You can all put items in the bucket… some fun, some learning, and take turns drawing out the next activity.

And when all else fails… let them do chores. No seriously. Everyone wins if you make it a game. I time my girls like it’s American Ninja Warrior. They also are phenomenal with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on our white walls.

What are some of your best ideas for entertaining kids indoors? Share them with us in the comments!

25 Indoor activities for kids

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