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Did you catch my Beach Day Essentials post a couple of weeks ago? Well included in my beach bag was this beautiful and very colorful ZAGS sun wrap!

Our family lives in the sun all summer long. I’m down to Charleston every chance I get, we spends the weekends on Lake Keowee and if there is sun outside on a day that ends in “y” you can find me at the pool with my two and a half year old and 9 month old. It’s no surprise that this ZAGS wrap is my go-to-product of choice this summer. I wear it around my waist like a sarong if I need to run around while I’m at the pool.I cover up the stroller with it while my babies nap. And I love to use it as a shield from the sun while I hold my baby or while my toddler is sitting in the sun and eating snacks or lunch. It’s lighter and cooler than a towel, wicks away water and they are so cute!





Created and produced in Charleston, SC, ZAGS are 30+ SPF sun wraps that come in all different colors, styles and sizes. The fabric is 100% high performance polyester fabric. They provide wicking, cooling and UV protection all the while being stain, odor and microbial resistant. I would go as far as to say the only thing I don’t love about ZAGS is that I didn’t think of the idea myself! I mean it really is such a great product and would make the ultimate gift for anyone that loves spending their days under the sun.

You can head on over to their website to purchase but before you do read a little bit from my Q&A with owner, Jennifer Horton, about her brand & her favorite spots in Charleston.

Tell me a little bit about when ZAGS got started.

I was lookingto purchase what I ultimately had to create on my own for about 6 years. I worked with prototypes all last summer and launched ZAGS in November!

What makes ZAGS unique?

ZAGS are a break through product! ZAGS are unique wearable art that have so many different functions. ZAGS provide a minimum of 30 UPF Depending on the color, some even offer 50+

Where are the wraps produced?

ZAGS are made right here in South Carolina!

How do you develop the designs / patterns?

Each design is coastal inspired, many are favorite memories of family outings, from Charleston to Italy! They all represent joyful memories in the sun.

What is your favorite pattern for summer?

That would be like asking which of my 3 children is my favorite. 😉

Where all can ZAGS be purchased? and many fine boutiques around the southeast. Locally in Charleston, Copper Penny, Finnicky Filly and Germaine Dermatology

You live in Charleston, what are some of your favoritespots?

Boutiques:Copper Penny, Finicky Filly, Out of Hand– too many great ones here to choose from!

Restaurants: Langdons, Red Drum, Basil, The Grocery, Halls – again too many to choose.

Recreation: boating to Capers Island, walking around at Charlestown Landing, King Street stroll on and shopping, jumping off the dock in our neighborhood, playing tennis with girlfriends at ion club!





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