Wish List Wednesday

I’m at The Southern C today in Sea Island and this 76 degree weather has me craving all things tropical! Zach and I are planning a little getaway in a couple of months so I would love to hear any of your favorite tropical destinations in the comments. While we’re nailing down the perfect spot to venture to I will spend my time checking out bikinis, sundresses and sandals! Here are some of my favorites for when the days get longer and the temps get warmer. Happy Shopping!

Wish List Wednesday

From top to bottom, left to right:

Blue Dress | Black Bikini | Bag | White Dress

Bikini | Sandals | Blue Dress | Red Bikini

Clutch | Dress | Pom Pom Shorts | White and Pink Dress

Pink Dress | Tank | Blue Dress | Sandals | Green Shorts