Winter Skincare + Tula Promo Code

How to Take Care of Your Skin In The Winter

It’s time to revamp your skincare routine for the colder weather and I have a special discount just for you! For a limited time you can get $20 off of Tula’smulti-spectrum overnight skin rescue treatment w/ code CRISTIN. Let me tell you why it’s so great! I tend to get dryer skin in the winter living in the mountains where it gets cold and snows. For this reason I lay off of my retin-a and only use twice a week but I still want a retinol product. Both of these products are made from Vitamin A and promote faster skin cell turnover but retin-a is just more powerful and can have side effects like dryness, redness, irritation and peeling. Retinol is a great alternative to retin-a if you’re already fighting dryness.

Tula’smulti-spectrum overnight skin rescue treatmenttargets fine lines and wrinkles, increases cell turnover, increases skin elasticity and works to reduce pore size. Plus it hydrates skin and works to fade dark spots! Iapply it to a clean face at night with theireye cream. Sometimes I also pair it with theirvolume defense serum to achieve a plumper, brighter, more supple complexion.

Additionally if you’re looking to help with dryness I highly recommendusing aclarisonic every night, applyingTula’s exfoliating treatment mask every couple of days and using aPMD once a week. The use of aPMDhas really changed the texture and appearance of my skin!

If you aren’t quite ready to invest in full-size products you can always purchase thediscovery kit. I have tried so many regimens in my days and Tulais the first one that makes me skin look and feel great. Natural skincare for the win! First up I wash my face with the purifying cleanserand slather on theirhydrating day & night creamlike it’s my job. I will put it on before my primer and makeup in the mornings!

If you want to try any of the Tula products you can use code TSSG for 20% off + free shipping! And if you try it let me know what you think!